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Free Wordtracker Tool: Finding the Perfect Keywords

The free Wordtracker keyword tool is one of the number most effective free Wordtracker(and least expensive) keyword research tools on the market. Next to the Google AdWords keyword extraction tool, the free Wordtracker website is all you need to get started with your affiliate marketing keyword research.

Of course, Wordtracker also offers a full version for a nominal monthly fee, but until you get a feel for how it works, you can get buy on the free trial. Let’s take a look at what you get with the free trial and how you can start using it to research specific keyword phrases.

Taking Advantage of the Free Wordtracker Tool

Visit freekeywords.wordtracker.com to start your search in the free Wordtracker tool. The first search of the day is always free. You can type any keyword or keyword phrase into the search box to begin your query. But after you’ve searched once, you will be prompted to sign up for the free seven-day trial. If you choose to sign up for the trial and you do not cancel it after a week, you’ll be charged$69 per month to continue using the full service.

If this sounds like a lot of money to start with, you’re right – it is. And unless you’re a very experienced marketer with a lot of cash flow coming in, you’re probably best to keep using the free Wordtracker version, rather than committing to a $69 service every month for the version of the free Wordtracker tool that’s not free.

So instead, you can sign up for a free account with only your email address and a password – no credit card required. This free account gives you the ability to search for 20 keyword phrases per day.

What the Free Wordtracker Tool Tells You

Let’s say you want to promote video games on the PlayStation console. For example, you might type “Red Dead Redemption,” a hugely popular PS3 video game, into the search box of the free Wordtracker tool. How do you sort through the query results?

The free Wordtracker version doesn’t let you really perform a sort function with the keywords, but thankfully the tool does it for you in one way; it places the keywords with the highest searches at the top and the lowest searches at the bottom. On the top, you should find the exact keyword phrase (or the phrase that’s closest to it, if it doesn’t exist) that you searched for. On the right, you’ll see the amount of searches per day that this particular keyword phrase enjoys.

This particular keyword has over 1500 searches per day. The competition for this exact keyword phrase is too high to try to rank for, so you should probably search through the remaining results for keywords that you are more likely to rank for.

The free Wordtracker tool does a decent job of pulling up directly related keyword phrases. The related phrases generally contain most of or all of the words found in the search query, and then some. For example, “Red Dead Redemption outfits” and “Red Dead Redemption walkthrough” are both popular keyword phrases with slightly less search competition than the game’s singular title.

The free Wordtracker tool does a better job, in some cases, of drawing up closely related keywords than, say, the Google AdWords keyword extraction tool. While the Google tool is ideal for pulling up loosely related matches and some exact ones, you’ll have less of a job sifting through the ones in the free Wordtracker tool.

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