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Free Keyword Search Tool: Find Search Terms for Free

Free keyword search tool websites are all over the place.Free keyword search tool But knowing which sites actually feed you relevant results from major search engines takes some experience. In this guide, you’ll learn some of the top websites for finding free keyword searches and which ones you can use on a regular basis for reliable information.

You should not take your keyword research lightly, especially if you’re researching keywords for a PPC campaign. The keywords you choose cost money, and if you approach the task cavalierly, you could end up wasting quite a bit.

Google AdWords Free Keyword Search Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Extractor is by far one of the most accurate and widely used keyword tools in all of internet marketing. Since this keyword tool is put out by the search engine themselves, it’s not hard to figure out why they might have some of the best options.

One of the reasons the Google AdWords tool is so widely accepted is that it gives you several options for delineating keyword qualities. For instance, you can do broad searches, exact matches and phrase matches. In addition, you can sort by a number of data types and weed out any negative keywords that you already know won’t perform well for your website.

WordTracker Free Keyword Search Tool

When internet marketers think of a free keyword search tool options, WordTracker often pops up on the list. WordTracker is technically a paid subscription, but they offer a free “membership” that gives you 20 keyword searches per day when logged into their website. They give you the number of daily searches a keyword or keyword phrase represents, rather than the monthly or local searches that Google supplies.

WordTracker is sometimes considered a little more granular and accurate in terms of actual use. Oftentimes, if you’re looking for content purposes only and don’t need PPC results, you can use WordTracker in addition to or instead of Google AdWords. You can also compare the two and see how closely the results align.

A lot of other software sites offer a portion of their keyword tools for free. Trellian, another popular free keyword search tool, allows you to input a seed keyword into their search form and draws up a list of related searches with that keyword in the search phrase. The result it displays represents yearly searches, rather than monthly searches. When compared with Google AdWords, it doesn’t always quite compute, but there are always different algorithms used for each software’s metric, so no two search tools will give you the same reading.

You want to make sure that whatever tool you use takes several search engines into account. For example, Trellian uses Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and more. Certain free keyword search tool software types also give you the option of finding common misspellings or misuses of a keyword so you can target these (or rule them out) as well.

Be sure to double-check keyword results in the search engines themselves by checking for competition and actual search numbers before taking a free keyword search tool reading at face value.

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