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Free 300 Word Articles in 5 Minutes?

free_articlesA blog I came across reminded me of an awesome way to get easy content on your website.

If you have any kind of blog that needs regularly updating, then this method can be used, and used well. It will take around five minutes to get about 300 – 500 words, and will be the best kind of content – free.

When you are selling products by affiliation, have you ever thought about getting in touch with the author, and getting an interview set up? Internet marketers love interviews, because they get to talk about themselves and their products. Not only is this a good way for them to promote themselves, but it is also a good way for you to get free content. All you need to do is structure the interview questions, and make it interesting. More often than not, the interviewee will happily write a hundred or so words for each answer, and before you know it, you will have a mini series for your blog.

To structure your interview, simply ask questions about the author themselves. How they started, what their motivation is, what the secret to their success is. They will speak freely about this, whilst keeping a bit back for the product. Then, go on to ask questions that relate to the product:

  • What makes this product different to all the others in the niche?
  • What kind of success can buyers hope to achieve?
  • How they can purchase the product
  • What other products are planned from the author

Those questions alone will get you some great content. It is a great lead into a sale, because the content speaks to the visitors on your site, direct from the author themselves, so therefore an element of trust is passed on to you, and your links.

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