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Foursquare for Business: Expanding Your Social Base

Foursquare for business probably isn’t the first social networking idea Foursquare for businessthat might pop into your head when you hear an expert talk about the importance of social media for your website. In fact, you might have written off Foursquare as a waste of time, an application only necessary for teens and the occasional adult with nothing better to do than “check in” everywhere they go.

But if you want to expand your customer or website visitor base – and ratchet up your sales in the process – then Foursquare for business is something you should consider, rather than overlook. This guide will give you a quick overview of how Foursquare can drum up customer interest in your website or business.

Foursquare for Business: Making a Page

Making Foursquare for business work for your website is probably easier than you realize. In many ways, it’s just like making a Facebook page. The page itself isn’t too fancy and simply includes the basics – a logo, company description, a website address and so forth. You can choose connections that your website “likes” just like on Facebook. However, you can also create your own company hashtag, just like those used on Facebook and Twitter, and encourage your fans to use them in their comments.

The Foursquare for business section of the website gives you two options for a company page. The first option is the Venue option. This is specifically for brick and mortar companies who want local customers to follow their updates and “check in” whenever they visit the store. The second option is devoted to Brands, which is what you, the website owner, will be more interested in. You can register your website with Foursquare and get started with branding your company online right away.

Foursquare for Business: Badges and Other Goodies

Using Foursquare for business gives you the ability to enable all sorts of functionality to your page. First of all – and probably most importantly – you can create badges. Badges are what give users the ever-coveted “mayor” title and other honors in the Foursquare application.

Now, the partner badge functionality does entail a fee to use on your own application. Foursquare actually has to approve campaign ideas and such for badges, so you don’t get to implement those right away.

Foursquare for business lets you also create a personalized app using their API system. These apps help users do more with Foursquare via their mobile devices, plus it gives you a more personalized touch for your page.

Foursquare does take a little more “delving into,” so to speak, than Facebook or Twitter does. With so many ways to optimize your page, it can get a little confusing at first. But their website is set up in such a way that the step by step directions help you navigate through each function, better enabling you to help your site stand out more quickly.

The whole objective of creating a Foursquare for business account is to encourage visitors to reference you in as many of their “check ins” as possible and offering perks in return.

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