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Foundation for Success: Consumer Trust

Consumer trust isn’t a bygone concept when it comes to marketing. These days, consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that they know will deliver on their expectations. Any successful marketing campaigns requires trust between your brand and the consumer.

For some marketing managers, the idea of trust and the public seems to be a concept that cannot be comprehended. There are those that believe that there is no way to foster trust between the consumer and the brand, and that this endeavor may in itself be useful.

However, research shows that trust is not only attainable – but it is necessary for the brand to survive the test of time and consumer’s ever-changing interests. To help your brand succeed, below are tips for the marketer that is looking to build a foundation of trust between the brand and the consumer.

Truthful Testimonials

While consumers can easily read about your products through your marketing efforts and follow information online that is featured on your brand’s social media accounts, these mediums are often trumped by the old fashioned testimonial.

While consumers tend to be wary of your social media efforts and what your brand has to say in a newsletter, they are far more trusting when words about your brand come from other consumers.

Take for example Amazon’s review system. While Amazon is not promoting its own products, it is promoting its own business by providing customers to comment about what they’ve bought. When another product assesses a product and determines whether or not to buy it, the first aspect they look at are the reviews.

The reviews tell them how the product has fared, whether it is worth buying, how the company selling the product provides customer service, and whether they’d recommend the product to anyone else. This type of system highlights why testimonials are a crucial part of marketing – people read them and they trust them.

Therefore, by attaining honest testimonials about your product, you’ll be able to reach more people and establish a trusting relationship vicariously through the individual who wrote the review.

Advertisements Compared to Content

Advertisements are a great marketing tool for getting the attention of the consumer, but the advertisement only goes so far. Essentially, while consumers like advertisements, they also find something to be unsettling and untrustworthy about them.

To supplement your advertisements and to promote trust, you should use content marketing strategies. Content is a trustworthy option because it allows the consumer to get an in-depth understanding of what your brand is, why buy into it, and what the brand’s ultimate disposition is towards the consumer.

When you have content created, don’t just state that your brand values customers, the content needs to explain why customers are important and how the customers affect the business. Ultimately, if your brand can’t foster trust between it and the consumer, then the consumer will be far less inclined to purchase the product and get other consumers interested in it too.

Give Back to the Community

Another outstanding way to gain trust from your consumers and to ensure repeat transactions from consumers that you’ve already gathered to your brand is to show the consumer how much the community matters. When designing a marketing campaign, understand that your brand is marketing to individuals who also work hard and value their money, their communities, and their families.

By understanding these values, your marketing campaigns can be more tailored to who they serve. To keep individuals coming back to your brand though, you also need to develop marketing campaigns that give back to the community. These can be donations to charities, hosting community events, doing something for a local group of people who are working for your company.

Recognizing those who work for you and the community that purchases from your brand can have a major impact on your bottom line because it will allow you to retain customers who trust your brand and will continue buying from it for years to come.

Endorsements are Gold

If your marketing team is considering a new target market in a certain area and community, the team doesn’t simply need to rely on its research and advertisements to get attention. Another golden way to gain the trust and business of a new target market is to see what brands in the community people are currently buying.

Scoping out a brand that has been in the area for a long time and that has been a constant source of business will enable you to request endorsements from the business. When an established and trustworthy business endorses your brand, consumers are more likely to purchase it because a long time business they believe in also believes enough in your product to advertise it.

Keep in mind that endorsements are a two way street. In turn, you should also help promote the business that is promoting you.

Be Truthful

When presenting your product to the public and developing marketing campaigns, the worst thing you can do is be untruthful about your product. Making false claims cannot only lead to a lawsuit if your claims are express warranties, but they can also terribly hurt your bottom line by eventually shunning customers who have already bought into you and who were not given what you promised.

Therefore, truthfulness in itself will lead customers to continue purchasing your product. When marketing your product online, through content marketing, or by newsletters, always make sure that the marketing manager runs through the content and ensures that everything is not over-exaggerated.

Getting in Touch Should Be Easy

Customer service is the key to a successful business. When promoting your product, you should also promote how easy it is to get in touch with your brand if issues arise. When poor service is provided or when consumers are unable to reach the brand, they tend to provide the brand with poor reviews, they stop purchasing the products, and they also tell their friends and family what a poor choice buying the brand was.

To avoid this major pitfall, it is imperative to not only state how great your customer service is, but to also deliver on that great customer service. This means that when you market, make it known how customers can get contact you, how to contact you, where to voice concerns, and to even give feedback if they had a positive experience.

All of these strategies will work to build trust between you and the consumer and they will also lead to repeat transactions so that your brand can be successful in the long run.

Never Filter Reviews

While there are some customers out there who will write a scathing review and leave it alone, many other customers usually check back and see if the review is still there and what others have had to say about it. While the bad attention can certainly hurt your brand, there are other ways to effectively handle the situation.

For example, your marketing team can always reach out to the customer and offer reparations and also they could kindly request from the customer to remove the review. Another approach could be to apologize publicly and offer a way that the brand can make things better.

Each of these approaches is the better solution because on the other hand, if your brand removes the post, the disgruntled customer will post elsewhere and complaint about not only the brand, but also that the brand removed a review that “exposed” it.

Managing this disaster is much more difficult than managing the first problem. Therefore, for the sake of the reputation of the brand and for the sake of efficiency, it is best to be milder in your approach.

The Human Side

When consumers think of businesses and companies, they think of entities that are void of a human element. To consumers, marketing managers and brand developers aren’t people, but more like machines whose goals it is to goad the consumer into buying the product.

This does nothing to establish trust and a positive relationship between the brand in the consumer. Rather than going down this dark road, the best solution is to market the human side of the company.

Show customers that behind the advertisements and the marketing campaigns, there are people with lives, families, interests, and true admiration for the brand that they work for.

Issuing a campaign that comes from directly behind company walls and reflects what the brand’s employees actually think about the brand and why the work for the brand can easily allow the consumer to relate and trust the company more.


Consumer trust is the foundation for a long lasting relationship between you, the consumer, and future consumers. With the above tips, you can ensure that your customers not only buy your brand once, but that they come back and recommend it to their friends and family.

It all really is a matter of being accessible, understandable, and committed to the needs of your customers.

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