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Flips and Flops


Buying established websites from places like Flippa.com has got its plus points. The ease in which you can pick up a site that has got traffic and revenue is truly great, but of course with the amount of fraud online, this too has got its negative side. We explore today some of the worst offenders, and a few blackhat methods that are actually circulating right now on the established website market. Flippa has a pretty good variety when it comes to site types. There’s niche sites for AdSense and Amazon, and there’s the odd members site or forum. You will also find a lot of established Clickbank product sites too. One of the worst scams on sites like Flippa are the shill Clickbank sites.

Imagine you see a website that has been online for just a month, and it already has a revenue of around $100. You are told by the seller that the site is relatively new, but has a good foothold with a pay per click advertising campaign, and has a 300% profit margin. You are very excited by the numbers, because from the 1000 visitors it’s had, the pay per click portion is converting like wildfire.

You decide to take a punt on it, only to realize a few months later that no way in hell can the website convert anything with PPC, because of the amount of competition. So how did the pull the wool over your eyes?

This type of site is run by a person who gets a few people to purchase a Clickbank product via their affiliate link. The site never uses PPC in the first place. The revenue you see is actually money put up by the scammer. Once you have purchased the site, they get their money back (and then some) because you are obviously going to pay up to five times the monthly revenue of the site.

Whilst the above method is underhand and pretty terrible, there’s also another scam that does not look remotely like a scam from the outside. This is usually because people see what they want to see. When you list a site on Flippa, you usually get more credence when you list your Google Analytics screenshots too. You can do this via the site, or link direct to the screenshots. Now imagine being able to tamper with those images on Adobe Photoshop, and fool visitors into thinking you had passed the Google Analytics info that would normally make you stand out as a reputable seller?

Always ensure you are buying a site that has full credence for the stats they put up, and NEVER buy a site based on just Clickbank earnings.

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