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Five Signs That You Need to Work for Yourself

Let’s face it. Not everyone was cut out to work for a boss. If you hate your job, you could be one of those people. Bearing in mind, of course, that work is work no matter how you slice it, and that hating your job could just be a sign that you’re sick of working, there is still something to be said for wanting more out of life. Sometimes that “more” comes in the form of a total career shift. And that total career shift might very well be the change between building up someone else’s dream and starting your own.

Top Five Signs of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

But how will you know if your personality – and your mentality – are cut out for being your own boss and not staying accountable to a higher authority in business? I’ve drawn up a list of five tell-tale signs that often indicate an entrepreneurial mindset.

  1. You’re not a team player.
    Bosses ordinarily harp on how important “teamwork” and “working as a group” are. Rubbish! – you probably think to yourself. I could have this project done in a day if it weren’t for these idiots! And if you truly CAN complete a project much more quickly on your own than with others, perhaps you were cut out to work on your own on a regular basis.


  2.  Your most productive time of day is outside the typical 8 AM to 5 PM working hours.
    Perhaps you like to sleep in until 10:00 in the morning, go to the gym, grab a bite to eat, shower up and start work at 2:00. You might work on and off until 9:00 that night, but you still accomplish everything you wanted to get done that day. If this describes you, then you might not be cut out for the average work environment.


  3. You’ve always wanted to start your own business.
    “Starting your own business” seems like a cliché these days. After all, who WOULDN’T want to start their own business? Turns out, a lot of people simply don’t have that drive, let alone the capacity. So if this is a passion that your mind keeps coming back to, perhaps it’s time to take hold of it and start planning a new business on your own.


  4. You’re a leader, not a follower.
    This is vitally important for a startup entrepreneur. You must be the one coming up with ideas, products and solutions. You can’t be the one who simply follows them after someone else gives you the idea and the go-ahead. If you’re always seeking approval and permission, you’re probably not cut out for entrepreneurship, because you won’t find it.


  5. You’re willing to make sacrifices.
    Have you ever sacrificed anything for something you felt passionate about? As an entrepreneur, you will likely make sacrifices in something, somewhere along the line. Accepting that sacrifice or not accepting it may make or break your business. If that’s something you’re willing to live with, then you just might be cut out to be your own boss.


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  1. It's time Sean! #2 really spoke to me. Thanks for the great content!

  2. great little article – exactly! after a full 25+ year career, the flip happened to me last year. no more bosses for me – done with that.

  3. Congratulations on that Sam. Awesome news.

  4. Sean, As I read this site for the first time, it looks like you really know your stuff. Number 1 nailed it for me. After 37 years in a huge computer computer company, being an exec with high salary, I hate the place and have thought for years I can still do it faster myself, vs the teams that sit around jerking around bla bla bla, It’s like – shut up and do some work people. Everyone is too busy trying to show how smart they are. The company btw is on a slow motion death spiral, just laying off tens of thousands of people every year to the point they can no longer deliver because they so much talent go. Your modules are right on – I have used 1/2 of those sources and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars online in a small business ‘on the side’ while doing that ‘job’. Now you lay it all out at a higher level that I did not realize in perspective. That job has become so stressful, it has made me wander mentally over the past few years from my business, but now I am on the warpath to correct that course as broken pension promises and a high life stye dictate I have an online retirement plan. Thank you, and can’t wait to using and selling profit builder and about 10 hot items I have acquired in the last month. Thanks for the extra nudge of confidence and reset mentality. People who are just starting out in IM, or have not made hundreds of thousands online like myself, just believe it can be done even if your current job sucks the life out of you. Peace.

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