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Finding out the Real Monthly Search Count

ppc_searchIt is genuinely difficult to get a straight answer from Google and MSN etc. about how many monthly searches you will get for a given keyword. There are tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and Insights that may help, and even Adwords tools that can give you an idea, but nothing concrete that you can say “Yes – this keyword gets 300 searches a day – its golden,”.

So, trial and error ensues, and you will develop a site based on the keywords Google say get x amount of searches per day. There is one method that will give you a live analysis of a keyword, and you can test over a short period to see EXACTLY what kind of searches you will get.

The method is not very secret, but is underpublicized. This is because it involves a small amount of risk. As with most things in business, the good things have an element of risk involved, and you will see a return on your outlay. However, the outlay is very menial.

What you need to do is get yourself an Adwords account, and then set up a new campaign. What you are going to do is be very specific about the keywords that you want the Adwords campaign to run on. You will not set up the actual ad text for your keyword, however, you will set that up for a completely random subject that the searcher has no interest in whatsoever. Here’s why:-

When you set up your Adwords campaign, set the keyword up that you are interested in. Now ensure you appear at the top position for that search. This will mean bidding the maximum. Now, the ad itself will appear at the top of the search engines – BUT we don’t want it to get clicked. This is just to see how many searches it gets, remember? So, you make the ad text itself completely unrelated so nobody clicks it. Example, you want a keyword like “large breed dog beds” so you set up for the EXACT keyword phrase, and your ad text is something like “Kettle Drums. Get expensive kettle drums here”. So you will ensure nobody clicks your ads – but they appear in the top searches.

From this, you will be able to gauge exactly how many people are searching for your keyword at that very time of the month. There’s no guesswork – it is all live results.

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