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Finding JV Partners – The Secrets of Creating Profitable JV Partnerships

Fining JV PartnersFinding JV partners is one of the easiest ways to quickly grow your business by getting more people to promote your brand. If you want to find partners in the form of list owners or affiliates with review based blogs, you’ll most likely have to do some manual work to get the best results.

On the other hand you can always outsource this work as well but ultimately the same tasks will have to be completed to get results. Here’s how to get started finding JV partners in virtually no time at all.

Step 1.) Identify the leaders in your niche/market. If you’re into online marketing and you’re marketing to other marketers then luckily you’re already in a position to access thousands of available joint venture partners. The internet marketing niche itself is based around the idea of joint venturing with others so the opportunities are much more readily available. On the flip side, if you’re in a smaller market that is more obscure like dog training, weight loss, gardening or some other niche then you’ll have a slightly more difficult time locating partners but it’s still absolutely achievable.

Step 2.) Reverse engineer your potential partner’s marketing. A good tactic here is to find people who are marketing a service or product via articles, videos or via blogs and do some research to find out exactly who they are. For example, let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche. A good way to find people who are promoting weight loss products already would be to search for popular keyword terms and find people who are obviously promoting affiliate products via their websites. Once you identify good websites that seem to be doing well, run a Whois search on their site to find out who they are.

Step 3.) Get in touch, but be polite. Finding JV partners and contacting them is truly where you’ll seal the deal. You’ve got to make your offer non-intrusive, tempting but also valuable and believable. Don’t promise the moon to a partner and expect them to immediately jump on board, they’ll be hip to your game and it isn’t an honest way to do business. Instead tell them how your product will benefit the people they’ll be promoting to and how it’ll benefit them as a JV. In short, tell them how much they’ll earn, how likely it is to convert into sales and why it’s better than what they’re currently promoting.

In short these three steps should get you pointed in the right direction. In reality you just have to follow these very basic steps to find partners to help promote and grow your business with. Not everyone you contact will reply or be interested so don’t set your expectations too high. Be genuine with your offer and make sure you prove to the potential partner that it will indeed benefit them and everyone involved. If you can offer a potential JV partner an attractive offer that is truthful and has a lot of earning potential you’ll have affiliates and JVs knocking at your door non-stop.

Have any other tips to share… let us know!

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