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Find a Blogger to Write Guest Posts

Find a blogger to write guests posts on your blog if you want free find a blogger(or nearly free) content to give your readers. There are several benefits to inviting a guest to blog on your behalf, which we will explore in this guide.

But before we go on, you should know that you should never expect anyone to blog for you without receiving anything in return. If you don’t plan to pay them a small stipend for the post, you should at least promise to link back to their website from the blog post they wrote as well as give them credit for authorship.

Find a Blogger to Write Relevant Posts

When you find a blogger to guest write a post, be sure to tell them the parameters they must be aware of when writing the post. The whole objective in allowing guest bloggers to post on your website is to get a fresh perspective on your niche while still remaining relevant to your blog’s theme and to your readership base. For instance, if your blog is written around restoring old cars, you don’t need someone guest blogging about childcare. Not only will you lose a few readers (and confuse the rest), the deviation from your niche might hurt your search engine ranking just a little.

Find a Blogger Willing to Write in Return for Links

When you do find a guest blogger, ask them what their criteria is for guest blogging. Not everyone wants to write a blog post for free, especially if they don’t have the much to gain by getting a link from your website to theirs.

Sometimes you might offer to exchange posts. For instance, you’ll guest blog for them in return for them guest blogging for you. This way you both receive the same reciprocal benefits. Be sure to link to each other’s blogs/websites, and maybe even include each other’s links in your permanent blogroll. There are many ways you can compensate someone for guest posting once you find a blogger, so don’t let that hold you back from searching one out.

When you find a blogger, you also take a little bit of stress out of your life. If you’re away on vacation or can’t write content, find a blogger or two to take your place. The more bloggers you find, the more opportunities you have for a fresh perspective, so you can look at it that way, too.

Find a blogger in reputable places, too. You don’t want to exchange posts with one who has a reputation for copying and pasting other online content or not doing his homework on keyword research. They need to be held to the same guidelines that you hold yourself to, or else it’s pointless to have someone else blog for you.

Social networks and internet marketing forums are great places to find a blogger. Start with your own friends and colleagues, then move onto recommendations or post statuses and forum threads asking for volunteers. You’d be surprised at how many bloggers are willing to help you with your blog in return for the same favor.

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