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Facebook Marketing: 5 Different Approaches

There is no one size fits all answer to Facebook marketing. Instead of looking for the “best” way to market, look for the method that your audience is most likely to respond to. Here are five of the most common approaches. Which one clicks most for you and your niche?Facebook Marketing

#1: A Goal-Driven Facebook Page

Don’t create a Facebook page just to create a Facebook page. Instead, make sure the page you create has a goal. Is it designed to facilitate conversation? To provide content? To pre-sell people to buy your product? To convert a high percentage of visitors into fans?

Once you know your goal for your Facebook page, channel the rest of your Facebook efforts towards achieving that goal.

#2: Paid Facebook Advertising

Facebook has one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet. It offers laser sharp targeting that lets you segment your audience by age, location, interests and more. You can advertise using video, using traditional sidebar ads and even sponsored stories that appear in your audience’s main feed. Mobile ads are also taking off in popularity.

#3: Run a Facebook Contest

A well-run Facebook contest can drive an incredible amount of visitors in a very short period of time. A good contest has a few core components:

1)      An attractive prize pool

2)      An interesting and fun contest experience

3)      A viral sharing mechanism

If you can incorporate these three factors into your contest, you’ll have a winner on your hands. In other words, have a prize people will fight over, make the contest fun and make sure your contest encourages people to share the contest.

#4: Leverage Other Influencers

Facebook is a fantastic way to connect with other influencers in your industry. As a page owner, one easy way to do this is to reach out to other page owners. Look for opportunities to promote one another. For example, you might host a joint teleseminar, or do joint contests. Find ways to work with other influencers while adding value to both of your communities.

#5: Build Momentum and Social Proof

Having a large following can boost your bottom line in many ways. First, it creates massive social proof. Someone who sees a page with 100,000 visitors will automatically assume that you’re someone they should pay attention to. In today’s digital world, having a large following builds more credibility than adding “Ph. D” to the back of your name.

Building that following also allows you to launch products and generate sales very quickly. New ventures have a strong base to stand on. You have a lot more leverage with potential affiliates, partners and vendors, as they know you can do a lot for them if you have a good relationship.

The key to this system is getting a lot of likes, plus getting a high degree of engagement. Use tactics like “Like Walls” and incentives to get people to like your page. Make sure you’re promoting your page on your website, through SEO and potentially through paid traffic.

These are five completely different yet equally powerful ways to leverage Facebook marketing. Start by picking just one approach and mastering it before moving on.


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