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The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 1: A Step by Step Strategy to Massive Profits

I’ve mentioned in the past that the widespread use of social media has allowed marketers to reach untold amounts of people, vastly increasing their reach (and their bank account). It is so incredibly powerful that many people have turned to making a full time living simply by promoting offers through their social media accounts.

No social media platform is more effective at expanding your influence than Facebook. I’ve created Facebook marketing posts in the past. With over 10,000 shares, this post HERE seems to be the most popular thus far.

However, the strategy I outlined in that post has absolutely NOTHING on the method that I am about to share with you. Over the next few posts, I am going to share one of the most intrinsically valuable methods of Facebook marketing to date.

I am going to go step by step through the entire process (which is why it will take a few posts) so that by the end, you will be able to apply this method and immediately begin earning massive profits within the first 30 days of beginning. Yes, it is that awesome!

Within this method, I will go step by step and show you..

– How to create a “Facebook pyramid” that will increase engagement without being seen as a burden to your Facebook following which may kill the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

– How to create sub categories of followers that will cling on to your every word and offer a pathway to different products. It’s a method that will allow you to leverage your page so that you can market multiple offers without alienating other followers. More streams of income = more overall profit… if done correctly.

– How to effectively manage multiple Facebook pages that post continuously while only spending a few hours a day allocated to your campaigns.

– How to generate hundreds of thousands of highly targeted views to your offers or sites with minimal paid ads.

Are you as excited as I am? Let’s get started.

The Bread and Butter of Creating Facebook Fan Pages that Drive Revenue

Since the inclusion of Facebook marketing, social media has never been the same. For marketers, it is an outlet to bring the masses the products and information that they crave.

For the potential consumer, it as a way to learn, gain access to groups of like minded individuals, and attain exposure to the products and services that they are interested in. This can all be done through the creation of Facebook fan pages.

Quick Tip: though you can generate a lot of revenue relatively fast, it’s important to understand that Facebook fan pages are an investment for the long term and not a set it and forget it form of marketing.

There are multiple productive ways to leverage a Facebook fan page in order benefit your business.

Targeted Ad Campaigns – The creation of ads to drive traffic wherever you see fit.

Niche Research – Find out when your audience is online, create polls, or simply as your audience what they want.

Direct sales of Products / Services (whether they’re your or an affiliate) – Promoting offers directly to your followers.

List Building – Driving traffic to your squeeze pages for promoting offers later on.

Increasing Your Blog Audience – Promoting blog posts.

Why Niche Pages are More Effective than Brand Pages

Everyone wants to build a page for their brand. This is not a terrible approach, but it isn’t the most lucrative. Here is why.

When promoting your brand page, believe it or not, most people have no idea who you are and don’t really care. The majority of people that follow brand pages already follow their blog (we want to tap into NEW traffic).

However, niche specific pages allow you to market multiple products without stepping on any toes as it will look as if it is if these offers are recommendations and not a sales pitch. It will also allow you to drive traffic from your niche pages to various products, affiliate offers, or wherever else you want them to go, whereas brands are better suited for driving traffic to your own site, drastically limiting the opportunities for sales.

Step # 1 – Creating Your Main Niche Page

Find a niche that has a strong following that you’d like to market to. Your main niche page can be relatively broad (I’ll show you how to narrow it down shortly). People LOVE to follow broad niche pages. For instance, the facebook page Running has 13.5 million likes.

Running is a relatively broad niche. What kind of running? Trail running? Marathon running? Sprints? Yours should be similar. I know what you may be thinking “that’s not very targeted.” Well you’re right. I’ll show you how to take the massive amount of followers that you gain and narrow them down in the next step.

Initially, you’ll want to use paid ads in order to build a large following. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, but it will pay off big time in the end.

Step #2 – Create 2-3 Sub Niche Pages

Every niche has a sub niche. These are smaller, more targeted categories of your main niche page. Example: Say I have a page that is dedicated to “Tool Lovers Everywhere.” That will be my main page. Once I’ve built a following of people that love tools, I can then create sub niche pages for people that have a specific interest in;

  1. Hammer Lovers
  2. Power Drill Lovers
  3. Saw Lovers

At this point, you should have already built up a large following on your main niche page (Tool Lovers Everywhere. Next, you’ll want to share posts from your sub niche pages to your main niche page in order to funnel fans to those pages as well. Confused yet? Don’t be. I’ll explain everything.

You’ll want to do this for a few reasons. The followers will be more targeted. Just because someone likes “Tool Lovers Everywhere” does not mean that they’ll like an offer that I promote unless it is specific to the interest of the potential consumer.

Sub niches allow you to take the following that you already have and divide them up into categories based on their interests. It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper than creating individual ad campaigns for every sub niche.

Additionally, Facebook is a son of a gun. They limit the amount of people that will view your posts unless you used paid ads (which we don’t want to do right now). So, having the same fans across multiple fan pages will increase the exposure of your post.

For example, if I create a post on the “Tool Lovers Everywhere” page, Facebook may only allow 240 people to view it organically without paid reach. If I also add a post to the “Electric Drill Lovers” sub niche page, and only reach 240 people, that is a potential 480 people that saw my post (literally doubling my engagement).

Now, multiply that by 4. See what I’m getting at?

Step # 3 – So, I have a Total of 4 Fan Pages. Why?

Every sub niche page creates added leverage for increased traffic, list building, and sales. You’ve built a broad niche page in order to build a massive following. This is much easier than using paid ads funnel followers to my more targeted sub niche pages.

Here’s how it will look so far.

Main page: “Tool Lovers” – promote broad offers related to tools in general, such as tool kits, tool belts, etc. I’ll also promote posts from my sub niches in order to funnel followers towards the area that they are most interested in.

Sub niche 1: “Hammer Lovers” – promoted offers ONLY related to hammers. i.e. brands of hammers, etc.

Sub niche 2: “Power Drill Lovers”- same as above. Promote offers such as guide books that teach how to use a drill effectively, drills, drill bits, etc.

Sub niche 3: “Saw Lovers” same as above. Old fashioned hand held saw, band saws, circular saw, etc.

Suddenly, you’ve just skyrocketed your leverage and provided 4 different offers to 4 different, targeted pages without additional ads.

Imagine if you created your very own products (1 product per fan page). Without this pyramid method, you would be left trying to post offers on your main page, to a broad audience, that may or may not like what you’re offering as you have no idea whether it fits their specific interests.

If you simply focused on your broad niche, you also risk substantially upsetting your audience because offers for products or services that some may not even be interested in, will continue to show up in their news feed. This may cause them to “unlike” your page, effectively losing that potential consumer for good.

Stay tuned for the next post because we have A LOT more to cover that will undoubtedly bring you untold amounts of profit if used correctly. You won’t want to miss out as I dig even FURTHER into the subject of Facebook marketing and show you how to further leverage your fan pages for MAXIMUM effectiveness.


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