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Facebook Ads – Start a Conversation

facebook_connectedFacebook has had a meteoric rise in popularity with internet marketing, and there are now ebooks abound for tapping into it’s many ways of advertising and increasing traffic to your sites and products.

One of the best ways, as always, is PPC on Facebook. You can expect to see thousands of geo and demographically targeted visitors hitting your page for much less than Google Adwords or similar PPC methods.

In fact, if done right, Facebook advertising can be one of the most cost effective paid advertising methods available to you and when you consider that Facebook has over 150 Million “Active” users, that is a huge potential pool of prospects for your business.


We should start by explaining the Facebook advertising layout.


On the right hand side of your profile, wall or pages, you will see sponsored ads that Facebook believe you are interested in. This is mainly due to the stuff you talk about, what information you provide to Facebook and your friends, and other demographic data. For example, if you are a man aged 20 to 30 and you live in London, an advertiser who runs a men’s magazine may target you for a new clothing range.

These advertisements are pretty cheap, and work the same as any other PPC medium. You pay per visitor click, whether they buy from you or not. So how can you use Facebook ads to seriously maximize your traffic?

The easiest way is to strip away all the marketing headlines that are popping into your head. They don’t work so well on Facebook. This platform is for people talking about how they had to rush to work because of a traffic hold up, or why they hate ham in their sandwiches.

Facebook is not Google, and not just any other kind of site. You have to seriously consider your market, and what they do every day when interacting on their wall, with their friends. So what you need to do is be conversational. If you sell eBooks for a living, then what you need to do is ask a question, or give the first question of a quiz – like “Q1. If I gave you $500 for marketing, what would you spend it on? Click here for choices.”

This way you are striking a conversation with the reader – something they are used to on Facebook.

Once you have engaged your visitor, you need to keep them entertained long enough that they don’t feel the need to rush back to their wall and continue talking about ham. What you should do is continue with the quiz format and give them an outcome, like a free ebook or at least squeeze their email.

As long as you remember the golden rule of Facebook advertising, you will be fine. That rule is: “Treat possible visitors as if you were trying to make friends with them”

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you…

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