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13 Lessons from Napolean Hill and Zig Zigler that All Entrepreneurs Should Know

Despite both Napolean Hill and Zig Zigler passing away, their writings will undoubtedly remain staples for business men and women everywhere for generations to come.  Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich is one of the highest selling books of all time, and is an absolute must read for any entrepreneur or Internet Marketer seeking the path to success.  Zigler on the other hand was the ultimate salesman, focusing his writings more or less on how to present products and services to consumer.  Both have vastly different approaches, but both also believe in many of the same key principles.  Combining the ...

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The Ultimate Time Management Plan for Internet Marketing

Benjamin Franklin coined the term “Time is money.” Though wrote these words in 1748, the meaning still holds true today.  Internet marketing can be tough, competitive and most of all, time consuming. There is no such thing as a “set it and forget it” business plan.  Everything must be coordinated correctly and takes continuous effort over the course of months and often times, many years.  So how will you allocate your time? Will you spend tireless amounts of hours on internet forums or trying to create a website banner from scratch? How about generating enough content so that search engines ...

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Tips for New Internet Marketers

Transitioning from the daily grind of a 9-5 job and assuming your new role as an internet marketer can often times be difficult. There is no boss or upper management to keep you accountable. You are your own boss now; the master of your domain, the owner of your own internet business.  If you succeed, it will be because of your own merit, hard work, and dedication to your craft. Unfortunately, if you do not succeed, it will undoubtedly be your fault as well. To make this transition easier, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you remain focused ...

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Are These 4 Habits Holding You Back?

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the globe embark on a new journey deep into the world of internet marketing. Unfortunately, the attrition rate is exceptionally high. The majority of those that dream of leading a financially free life from the comfort of home will undoubtedly fail.  These people don’t necessarily fail because of lack of information. After all, there are countless sources of outstanding information that can help both newcomers and experts alike (this blog included). They don’t fail because internet marketing is exceptionally difficult. They don’t fail because there aren’t enough people making purchases online. ...

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Silicon Valley

3 Things Every Business Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Many of the world’s most successful companies, including Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Cisco and Salesforce were all born out of Silicon Valley. It’s not just because Silicon Valley attracts startups. Silicon Valley actually causes success, because of its culture. Here are three of the core aspects to Silicon Valley culture that give these companies their edge…

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