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The Art of Failure Part 1: What Has Been Holding You Back?

I get emails all the time from readers that are still having difficulty making money with their online business. I’ll be honest, the world of online marketing is no bed of roses, and can be extremely difficult at times. However, becoming successful is far from impossible. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people that make millions of dollars online every single year; some of which make millions every single day (Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, and Sergey Brin are all examples), so to say that you can’t make a healthy chunk of change online as well is preposterous. ...

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connecting with your audience

Building Loyalty and Trust By Connecting With Your Audience

Does your audience trust you? Are you sure? I’m assuming that you’ve heard of Oprah Winfrey right? Everything this woman touches turns to gold, which has made her a nice, multi-billion dollar fortune. She didn’t make her money selling stocks creating some sort of revolutionary product; she made her fortune as a talk show host that became wildly popular because she had a unique confessional style that allowed her to connect with her audience on an emotional level. In short, her viewers grew to love and trust her. They would literally cling on to every word she says. This level ...

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branding made easy

Tips for World Domination: Branding Made Easy

There are no qualms about it, branding is one of the most powerful tools that internet marketers have at their disposal. Branding is not necessarily about getting your target market to choose your product over a competitor’s, but instead, is a way of getting your potential consumers to view you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem, which leads to more sales, more revenue, and more overall growth. Believe it or not, there is a significant difference between marketing and branding. Marketing contributes to building your brand, but the branding itself is much bigger than any ...

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Designing Super sales: designing the Perfect Internet Marketer

Super Sales: Designing the Perfect Internet Marketer

The other day, I was at the grocery store and overheard two young kids talking about their favorite football players. They were mixing and matching the traits of various athletes in order to describe (in their mind) what athletic attributes a super football player would have. For example; the perfect running back would be comprised of LeSean McCoy’s agility, with Adrian Peterson’s size and speed, and the power of Marshawn Lynch (yes, I had to Google these players myself). This got the gears in my head turning. This mix and match approach could be taken to virtually any industry, including ...

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social proof

The Subconscious Consumer: Using the Power of Social Proof to Boost Sales

There’s no question on whether online marketing works. Due to increased accessibility and advancements in technology, more people are turning to the online world to purchase information and goods. According to ComScore, US consumers spent over $42.75 billion between Black Friday, at the end of November, through December 22nd. Needless to say, more people are willing to shell out their hard earned cash online now more than ever before. That doesn’t mean that the same tactics that were successful just a few years ago will ultimately turn a profit today. Online marketing has changed drastically over the past decade alone. ...

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