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Email Marketing Mastery: Taking It a Step Further

In my last post, Unleashing the Incredible Power of Email Marketing, we talked about how email marketing is STILL at the top of the food chain.
That means, that if you haven’t already started building a list of email subscribers, then you need to ASAP because you’re potentially leaving a lot of money on the table that otherwise could be in your pocket. Who couldn’t use an extra $100, $1,000, or even $1,000,000 or more? I know I could.
That being said, email marketing is no walk in the park. If you’re expecting instant riches, then you are sadly mistaken, because it takes a lot of work, a deep understanding of your consumer, testing, and even MORE testing.
Listen, most popular marketers flap their gums all day about how important internet marketing is for your business, just like I am now. However, they all fail to explain exactly what you need to add within these emails to make them profitable.
That is why today’s post is dedicated to providing you with the information that you need to actually ensure that your emails get opened, get read, and convert like crazy!

The Inner Workings of a Subject Line 

The subject line may quite possibly be the most important aspect of email marketing. If the subject line does not convert to clicks, then the entire contents of the email is useless.

A Study performed by MailerMailer that analyzed over 100 million emails, showed that emails with shorter subject lines, routinely outperform emails with longer subject lines by receiving almost double the amount of engagement.


15.8% vs 8.9% is a significant margin in open rates. It’s quite obvious that email recipients prefer short, snappy subject lines. Here is an example of a few that may convert well.

“Must See Video”

“You are NOT Alone”

“A Powerful New Idea”

A short while ago I created a massive list of 1565 power words that may come in handy while creating your subject lines as well.

Personality Trumps All

How many times have you received an email that is so generic that you even read it with a robot voice inside your head.

Hey guys,

 Are you sick and tired of struggling to stay focused and maximize productivity?  Check out this video to find out what factors may be holding you back ….

Who actually talks like that? That email illustrates the difference between talking “at” someone and talking “with” someone. When you talk “with” someone it is in a conversational tone. When you talk “at” someone, then it is boring and generic.

They lack creativity and don’t capture the reader’s imagination. Instead, create emails that sound as if you are speaking directly to a close and personal friend. Here’s an example of a possible email with personality injected into it.


So I decided to do something new this weekend and went to an internet marketing seminar in Las Vegas with my friend Mary. Mary and I checked into the Palms at about noon, which gave us just enough time to freshen up before the seminar began.

There were probably about 200 people stuffed into the ball room, making it a bit stuffy, but what Mary and I learned from the presentations made the entire experience worth it.

Later that evening, we were sitting at the bar drinking a few Piña Coladas (yes they had the little umbrellas in them), when in came one of the presenters from the seminar, Sean Donahoe.

Sean is an amazing guy and full of wisdom, so Mary and I quickly approached him and asked for the greatest advice he could give us on changing our mindset so that we could be more productive throughout the day.

We were so blown away but what he was telling us, that I quickly pulled out my Iphone and began recording this video…”

this second one is far more personable than the first. By telling stories and adding personal details, the reader will not only be captivated, but will also come to trust you as well, because they will begin to feel as if they actually know you. We can all agree that building trust is the foundation of sales.

Here’s another example of injecting personality into an email. If you would refer a piece of music to a friend, would you choose…

“Taylor Swift’s infectious beats and catchy lyrics will have you listening to her album over and over again.”

You would NEVER say something like that to a friend! Instead, you may say something like…

“Check this out. Last night I listened to Taylor Swift’s new album and I couldn’t stop dancing. I almost wore a hole in my carpet. Needless to say, my dog Sparky probably thinks I’m crazy now. You really need to get a hold of this album.”

Both references gave a review of Taylor Swift’s album, but only one had any personality. You don’t have to be a genius to guess which would likely convert better.

Discovering the Connection

This is used by finding the connection between what your audience is interested in and the product that you are attempting to sell. This is an absolute necessity for affiliate marketers.

For instance, if you are in the IM niche, and would like to sell a product that teaches all about meditation, then you have to focus on building that connection between your subject (IM) and the product (meditation).

You can’t just simply send out an email promoting a meditation product without outlining the proper connection. Your campaign would fail miserably.

How does meditation pertain to marketing online? What is the importance of meditation to your audience’s business?

The easiest way to identify this loop is to perform a quick Google search. You can find the connection between almost every niche imaginable by performing a search for your niche and the product niche. For instance, you could find an abundant amount of information if you typed “IM and SEO” into the search function.

With a little bit of due diligence you should be able to find articles and ideas that you can then use as the premise for your emails. Through a little research I found that meditation can help reduce stress, maintain focus, and keep the mind energized, which is essential for an internet marketer.

That is what I would like my audience to understand so that they make that connection between the two very different niches in order to show them that meditation could be beneficial for internet marketing.

What Emotions Are Your Consumers Currently Feeling?

This is done by finding out what is trending in the news for that day or week and connecting loop between your niche and that subject.

You can easily do this by searching through popular news sources or browsing internet forums that your audience may frequent.

There’s always something new and exciting that is going on in the internet marketing community, so there should be no shortage of hot topics to choose from. For instance, within the last year, there has been in increase in websites being hacked (not just the average Joe, but high profile sites as well).

I’m not saying that you should make light of the situation, but this could be your opportunity to help someone. One could easily create emails around the recent attacks or perhaps link to a prep guide that helps marketers in case another popular site goes down.

Be Entertaining (Duh)

Tell your stories but also be informative and try to add in a lot of factual information into your content as well. Nothing spreads like wildfire than tangible statistical data. With a bit of personality, and statistical data, a simple story can become incredibly engaging.

People will want to read it and forward it to others and most importantly, they will look forward to your next email because they know you are going to entertain them and they are going to learn something as well.

Enhance Campaigns By Adding Open Loops

While being entertaining and informative, you also want to be mysterious and leave a little bit on the table. This will ensure that if the email did pique their interest that they will click through in order to find out more.

This can easily be done with images that aren’t quite self explanatory. The reader will wonder what the heck is actually going on in the image and click through to the prescribed link.

If I were to send you an email with a vague, yet interesting image without explaining in full detail what it’s about, you may likely be wondering what the heck is going on.

The image creates a certain curiosity that works perfectly as click bait. In most cases, curiosity alone will take over and the person will click through.

Announcing that you have something in store for your audience is also an open loop.  For instance;

“I know not everyone that purchased the (insert product) really loved it, so on Wednesday or Thursday, I am going to give you a little something extra. I don’t want to give too much away, but it has to do with (insert sub-niche). “

Now your audience will be staring at their inbox, anticipating your email on Wednesday or Thursday for whatever it is you have in store for them.


It’s fairly obvious that email marketing is the mos dominant tool in an internet marketer’s arsenal. Hopefully something in this post can help amplify the effects of your current (or future) email marketing campaigns.

It may take some time to master email marketing (like all things), but when it all finally “clicks” you will be glad that you took the time to learn.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave it in the area below.

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