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Up Your Email Marketing Game with These 5 Simple Tips

Mass communication through email may be the oldest online marketing tool used, but it is often the most useless. All over the world, every single day, almost 200 million emails are sent. About half of those are newsletters.

No one knows how many actually get read, never mind what percentage leads readers to visit a website or buy products. The chances are very slim that marketing this way will be very effective if at all unless you are email marketing savvy.

How to Be a Savvy Email Marketing Guru

On a daily basis, your subscriber is also bombarded by other email marketers, as well as online ads through website banners and social media. If you don’t understand how savvy email marketing is done, consider these five proven tips:

Remember You are Addressing Human Beings

If you only see your subscribers as profits, conversion rates or in terms of percentages, you don’t see people. Remember you are engaging with human beings when creating your email correspondence. Speak directly to your audience, use first names and write as if you are addressing each of them individually. Use a friendly a conversational tone.

Focus on One Point and Expand on It Thoroughly

Clarify your purpose in your email message. Never jump around multiple topics and make sure the content flows smoothly. In your mind, make sure you can reduce the whole purpose into one clear statement, before drafting your email.

Don’t Try to Trick Your Audience in Any Way

If you try to be a trickster, your engagement will not grow, in fact, it will probably end. Whether you attempt to use subtle tactics or harsh ones, they will all lead to a sense of untrustworthiness and you will lose your credibility. Don’t use one subject for the title to grab the viewer and then switch gears in the body of the email. Never falsely claim that product is on sale if it isn’t.

Always Provide Your Best Content

The consumers that subscribe to your newsletter have a variety of tastes. Offer a change in the types of content you pass along to satisfy everyone. When researching your best strategy, you should have taken steps to determine your customer demographic. Use that information to build your email content and make it relevant to your audience.

Never Forget the Enticing Call to Action

Every email sent should include a call to action to get subscribers to engage somehow. This can be to write a review, participate in a poll, watch a video or join a contest. Make it simple for them to interact with you. Chances are if you don’t make it easy for your audience to do so, they probably won’t take the time out of their day.

Final Word

Always provide valuable content that subscribers look forward to reading and maintain consistency. Make sure your audience can always recognize your newsletters so they don’t dismiss them as spam. Also, provide at least one social media sharing button. When people enjoy your content they naturally want to share it.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and what other tips for Email Marketing that have worked for you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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