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Email Marketing + Free Backlinks = One Happy Marketer

email marketingThere are hundreds of ways you can approach email marketing. Once you have got those people on your list, your job is to give them as much value as possible, and to get them to intereact with you or your websites.

This tutorial assumes that you have a free ebook to give away, or a PLR ebook that you have rights to, and that you have an email marketing tool like AWeber.

When we are marketing, we can of course give things away free, but every so often, asking your list to do a little something for you (for free) can reap huge benefits.

The first step to getting backlinks from a free ebook is pretty simple – you need a list. If you haven’t got a list, then it is quite easy to buy a solo ad from another list owner on The Warrior Forum JV section or other reputable source.

 Once you have got a good list to work from, create an email ad that describes your ebook in the normal way, and tells the reader they can get your ebook completely free, today only (or similar)

“Today only – get my ebook (normal price $47) for free – Click Here”


…then you need to create a special squeeze page. It will say something like this:

“This ebook is normally priced at $47.00, but for today only, you can get it completely free! All you need to do is post the following text on your blog, then submit the below form:”

Then… underneath that text (edit the following code so it has your details in it):

Latest and greatest money making method :- <a href=”http://yourwebsite.com/link_to_a_page_on_your_site”>The name of your ebook or page</a>

Then below this, write:

“Simply copy the above  code, and paste it into the HTML of your blog post.
Once you have done this, submit your Name, Email and URL of the backlink below”

And below this you will put your AWeber code, remembering to add a field for the URL.

This is a pretty powerful method of email marketing, that is based on the traditional sqeeze page. When you send this out to another marketer’s list, instead of just getting signups virato your list, you will also get a flood of backlinks for every single person who signs up. If you are sending it out to your own list, the same applies. Each time the form is submitted, you can check the URL is valid by clicking it – and seeing your new backlink sitting on their blog.

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