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Effective Use of PLR

effective_plrThere is a lot of reasons you might want PLR (Private Label Rights) for your business. The most common reason is to provide your website visitors with free products, which you have rebranded to your company name etc.

The only problem with PLR is that you will often be providing your visitors with content that they have seen before, thus losing you credibility. They are less likely to return for more if they think they are going to get content that has been used on many other sites.

Even a rewrite by an article writer is not going to suffice with PLR, because the content will still have the same core information – just presented in a different way.

So what is the correct way to use PLR information? A professional marketer would not normally recommend using it, due to the above reasons, so there must be a way to use all this awesome content that is related to your niche, without ruining your credibility? There is. At first glance it might not be apparent, but the very best way you can use PLR is for article marketing. When you are marketing articles, you can of course use a pen name. This is taking the credibility issue right out of the equation. Also, the content may not appeal to some people, though the link in the article itself may be followed, to see what else they can find on your website – after all, you have a very related article to what they are searching for, and they may be willing to find out if you have anything else on your website.

PLR can usually be expensive if you are buying from forums, but there are lots of membership sites that provide bulk PLR for almost every niche. Once you have the PLR works, you should immediately get it rewritten by an article writer for around $1.00 for 300 words. If you set up a job offer on Freelancer.com at this rate, you will usually see a massive influx of bids. Choose the English speaking writers, and ensure they have a good work history. Once you have the articles in a rewritten format, you can then start to market them. There are lots of great submitters online such as JetSubmitter, although most would recommend submitting manually to directories.

Your articles can link directly to your website, and you can also link from one article to another, from one directory to another, forming a very basic link wheel effect. The power of each article is then multiplied, and you will often see better rankings. Using PLR effectively does not have to be difficult. The above example will achieve great rankings for very little effort.

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