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eBook Affiliate: How to Sell Someone Else’s eBook

eBook affiliate selling methods often differ from the methods Ebook affiliateyou would ordinarily use to promote an affiliate product. In a way, selling eBooks takes a lot more trust from the customer than products, because the customer will eventually know the value of the product by seeing how well it works for them. It’s hard to gauge the value of an eBook prior to seeing it, unlike real products that they could buy elsewhere.

That being said, eBook affiliate marketing can be very prosperous for you, and you don’t really have to put that much more effort into it. You just need to dig into the minds of your buyers a little more before trying to market an eBook to them through article marketing or paid search.

Getting the Right Mindset of Buying Through an eBook Affiliate

Another aspect of trust comes in when you’re an eBook affiliate. Let’s say you recently sold some products from Amazon.com or Buy.com. The buyers were more than willing to give these companies their credit cards because they recognize the website. But guess what – Amazon doesn’t generally sell eBooks like the ones you’re promoting as an eBook affiliate. As a result, the buyer looks at the website the eBook is listed on and has second thoughts about giving them their credit card number – even if the site is reputable. They don’t know that ahead of time, so you risk losing the sale.

Getting Snookered as an eBook Affiliate

On the flip side of the coin, you, the eBook affiliate, have to realize that you can get screwed out of your commission by an unscrupulous buyer. For instance, most eBooks come with a money back guarantee in the event that the buyer isn’t satisfied. Some buyers would take advantage of that and return the eBook regardless of whether it was helpful to them or not.

And you know what happens when an affiliate program gets a refund – they refund your commission as well. This is a less likely scenario in the case of physical products, since the buyer must prove that it was faulty, or at least must take the time to repackage and re-ship it back to the company.

There are a few ways you can help yourself when it comes to being an eBook affiliate. First, see if you can promote eBooks that offer a money back guarantee after a period of coaching. For instance, if the guarantee lasts for 60 days, and the personal coaching lasts for 60 days, the buyer is less likely to refund the item. At the very least, he might forget that the 60 days are running out and may be less “on the ball’ in trying to get a refund.

Both you, the eBook affiliate, and the buyer take on more risk when you’re an eBook affiliate, but rest assured, you can get over those risks by carefully selecting the products you promote. An eBook affiliate should also check the refund rate of any eBook to make sure he is not setting himself up for a lot of returned commissions.

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