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Easy Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Site Speed – IMSCTV

I have been asked several times today by members and customers for tips on how to speed up their sites. So, I thought I would change things up a little bit and show some simple tactics we use to boost site speed on most of our “Money” blogs.

As you know, we have a HUGE site here and 100s if not 1000s of blog posts and a massive members site as well, so speed is critical. In fact, most people do not realize just how much traffic they lose by having a slow site.

A recent study by Amazon showed that every 10th of a second delay is page load was 10% profits lost. For a large site like Amazon that is millions of dollars in revenue. However, for a smaller site you can imagine how much traffic and potential conversions are lost.

Not only that, page speed load times are a large factor in rankings as well. Many search engines look at sites for usability and if your site is not user friendly (in this case, SLOW) then they will give a faster site a better ranking.

So, even if you think your site is fast, you had better double check and see if these quick tips can help you.

Enjoy the video and let me know any other ways you crank extra speed out of your sites…

Resources Mentioned in this Video:

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  1. Sean,
    I have Cloudflare, the free version and I find that it Brings up versions of my site that are a month or two or even more out of date. I’m not sure if this is because of my server being down alot (bluehost) or if it has something to do with Cloudflare’s cache. It has however reduced my enthusiasm to keep my posts up-to-date.

    • With W3 Total cache and even Cloudflare’s own plugin you can set “Refresh” timers for content and caching so that it keeps everything up to date and fresh. That way you get a fresh cached copy of everything and all the speed needed as well.

  2. Thanks for the good info. Will try out a few of your suggested plugins.

  3. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the valuable advice and resources. I really enjoyed the video and the great delivery which was painless and easy listen.

  4. Sean,
    I was under the impression that YouTube offered only a modest branding option. How do I get my videos on my site to look like yours above. I’m assuming you have a short code for the video set up above. Any input wld be greatly appreciated.
    Wes Brewer

    • Hey Wes, great question and you are right, YouTube offers very limited branding options. However, we have a few video ninja tricks up our sleeve. I am planning on doing some courses very soon on many topics including video marketing (something I am very well known for as you may know) and we will share these strategies in that course… I’ll keep everyone posted when that is ready…

  5. This was an excellent video and post. I only recently became aware that the speed of your site loading is critical. Not that I don’t know that it is important but that it is far more important than I imagined when people are waiting for it to load, and that I have more control of it than I thought.
    I am glad you did this video because the subject matter and resources are very important, so I thank you very much for this, and hope you do lots more. Paul

    • Thanks for the feedback, and you are not alone. Most people don’t realize just how important it is and how easy it is to do something about it. Many people with shared hosting, for example, can have more sites on their account with good caching and serve more traffic than ever. Google is also focusing much more on site usability and site speed really does make all the difference in the world when it comes to usability…

  6. The speed tester is on tools.pingdom.com

  7. I agree 100% with what you have to say about plugins. You can do a quick test to find out exactly what impact your plugins are having on your sites load times with cPanel.
    Time your site load time on the home page.
    Then open up wp-content/plugins in cPanel and create a folder named 111plugins. Select all of your plugins and move them into the 111plugins folder.
    Now go right back to your sites home page and refresh. The difference in time is what your plugins are costing you.
    The sites you mentioned will give you more precise results but other factors can come into play.
    I have noticed a difference in load times from different Web hosts.
    My experience has also shown that it’s better to avoid themes with heavy JavaScript as this can also slow down your site.

    • That is a great tip, but make a backup first. Jetpack, and several other plugins may break your site on deactivation / reactivation. Your point on hosts is very true as well. The setup they have can greatly influence speeds. For example, we are on a high-powered dedicated server with this site using LiteSpeed instead of Apache as a webserver with a ton of server level speed boosters. The difference between a shared host and a VPS or dedicated server make all the difference in the world. Obviously budgets come into play when you are talking that level of optimization but the methods we discussed here can be done for free. Great feedback, thanks!

  8. I’ll be sure to try some of these out. I’ve actually been looking for some info like this for a while, glad I finally have access to it.

    • There is a lot of info out there on speeding up your site. Some good, some terrible… And I could go WAYYYYyyy in depth about server setup’s, web server software, security, etc… However, these basic strategies will cover 80% of everything…

  9. I especially found the info on plugins to be very useful. that’s something I have overlooked in the past. Thanks!

    • Most people do and don’t realize just how easy it is to speed things up. It can take a little testing to get everything where you want it and I hope these tips save you some headaches…

  10. Although I was already aware of some of these tips, as long as I get a little bit out of it, I’m benefiting drastically.

  11. Every single one of these tips were absolute gold to me, thank you so much!

  12. I’ve actually been in a rut with this for a couple of months. Finally I stumbled upon this video and I was able to make a surprisingly large improvement on my site speed.

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