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Easy Article Marketing (Part 1 of 2)


This two part series has been set up to help those of you who are struggling with article marketing. Possibly one of the only parts of internet marketing that has no real enemies, and I can honestly say I’ve only ever read good things about article marketing on the whole.

The reason article marketing gets so much positive attention, and why it is helpful, is the sheer amount of syndication and speed in which you can virally pass from one site to the next is unbelievable.

Exponential marketing is something we are all seeking, and many have found it with this type of campaign. The backlinks and traffic you get from article marketing is well covered. So, without further ado, here is a run down on the actual steps you need to take, to get your campaigns off the ground.

The first step is always the hardest – content. I’ve written many articles about how to find content, how to get free content, and reasons why you should use unique articles over re-used ones. The basic principle of this type of marketing is the initial setup of the main article. You cannot use just one article. You will need around 100 articles to perform a good campaign. Don’t panic though, you won’t have to pay out $500 for 100 articles… you can use a technique and method called article spinning.

A good SEO writer will have a great article spinner like “The Best Spinner,” which they can import a unique article into, and then create hundreds of partially unique articles from. Usually, search engines see 60 – 70% unique articles as “unique.” A good writer once told me that one in four words should be unique, compared to the original. When the writer spins the article, every few words will have a dozen or so possible variations, and on the whole, when using lots of different combinations of spun words will eventually create a 60 – 70% unique article.

The article you have written should contain around 2 – 4% keyword density (which means in a 400 word article, your keyword is mentioned once every hundred words).

The article should also contain your anchor text to your URL, in the actual article or in a resources box (or both), depending on the actual rules of the directory.

Once the content is ready, you need to decide on how you will market your article. Part 2 coming soon!

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