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Earning Consumer Trust

Have you ever worked with someone and then later realized they were not who you thought they were? Did you look at the work they did and realize you didn’t like it at all? How about becoming friends with someone and finding out they weren’t a good person?

These things have happened to all of us and they are a big problem when they do. If you own a business these things become even more important and even more dangerous as well. You need to know that the people who work for you are representing your brand and your business properly.

What For?

How did you feel when you realized that person wasn’t what you thought? You most likely felt let down. You may even have been angry with what they did to you or to the job you wanted them for. As a result, you got rid of them from your life.

If you had hired them for a project you most likely fired them right away and found someone else to do the job for you. This is what most people will do if they find out someone isn’t working out for them.

The problem is that even if they bring the problem to that person’s attention they can’t trust them anymore. Trust is the most important aspect of bringing anyone into your life for any reason.

If it’s someone you bring in for a personal reason you want to feel comfortable with them. You want to trust them with your feelings and your secrets. You want them to hold that trust because this helps you trust them again in the future. The first time they break that trust it ruins your ability to trust them ever again.

This happens all too often with business. A lot of businesses will hire someone who is not able to do a good job. It doesn’t mean they do it on purpose. The business may not realize that person is incapable of working the right way. The person may not realize they are doing a bad job.

The reasons behind it often don’t matter. The fact of the matter is they did the job badly and this makes it difficult for the customer to trust them to do anything better in the future. The customer finds that they don’t want that person in their home or working on anything they need.

The problem with this is that the trust issue will spread to the entire business. If there is a trust issue with one particular person in the business that customer will disregard the entire business. They won’t just refuse to work with that one individual.

This means your business loses a client because of one bad person or one bad project. You can’t afford this when you’re trying to run a business. One person thinking your work isn’t good enough can cause a large number of people to turn you away in the future.

What do Trust and Consumerism Have in Common?

When you can’t trust someone you don’t want them near you. This causes problems because your business needs as many customers as possible. You can’t afford for people to turn away your business because you have one or even two bad people or bad projects in your history.

You need to have these problems taken care of quickly. You want to make sure that you get a good reputation so that people don’t refuse to work with you. This happens as a result of a mistake that was made only a few times or even just once.

Consumerism is when someone purchases products or services. When there is no trust that person is not likely to buy from the person they can’t trust. They won’t buy from you because they don’t trust that you will do a good job.

They may believe that you will not provide them with what they need in order to be successful. This is a big problem. There is no trust and because of this there is no sale, no consumerism. The customer will choose to buy from someone they feel they can trust.

Make sure that person is you in the future. This can be done by making sure you hire people that are trustworthy. You need to keep your employees working well. They need to be able to complete all jobs they are assigned.

This means they do the job on time and with high quality. They need to perform the same way every time. If they do then people will be willing to come back to you and to them. They will boost consumerism for your company. They are the type of employees you want to keep around as long as possible.

If employees are not performing the way they should be you will want to make sure you get rid of them fast. Remember you are only as good as your weakest link. That means the worst employee on your roster is going to set the tone for everyone else.

If they are a good employee then you will get a good reputation. If they are a bad employee it won’t matter if they are the only bad employee. They are going to give your company a bad name and a bad reputation with anyone they interact with on a job.

Make sure you are reviewing and evaluating any employees you have often. The more you review them the better they will behave. They will know they have to behave well if they want to keep their job.

They will provide good service to anyone they interact with in case you are watching. If you reprimand bad behavior right away you will be able to fix problems before they become too big. This is going to save you a lot of trouble in the future. You won’t have to worry about losing customers because of a few bad apples.

Let Them Know

Make sure you provide feedback to everyone involved in problems. If you have a customer complaint make sure you let them know what you did. If you resolve the issue quickly and are thorough about it they may be willing to come back.

They may also provide a good review stating that they had a problem but it was fixed fast and they were pleased with the end result. This is the type of feedback you want. If anyone is going to mention a mistake in reference to your business you want them to say it was fixed to their liking. You also want them to say it was done as fast as possible.

Make sure you also give feedback to the employee who did the work. You want them to know what the customer said. This is important if the feedback is good or bad.

If they received excellent feedback you want to let them know. Your employees want to feel appreciated. They are more likely to perform well in the future if they feel people care about what they have done in the past. This makes them more likely to stay with your business as well.

If they receive bad feedback you want them to know this as well. You will want to take immediate action to fix the problem. Let them know what the customer said.

Give them an opportunity to tell their side of the story. Make sure you give feedback and corrective action that makes the situation better in the future. Let them know how they should have handled the situation.

There is the right type of corrective action if necessary. If not make sure they know what your company policy is on whatever happened between them and the customer.


Earning trust is going to help you provide better services to your customers. That means they are going to trust you the next time they need a similar project completed. They will believe that your company and your employees can provide the service they want.

This makes them more likely to come back to you. It also makes them more likely to recommend you to someone they know looking for your services. You want this type of reaction and you definitely want this type of recommendation from anyone that you work with as a business.

Provide the highest level of trustworthiness. If you are trustworthy then your employees will know what they need to do as well. They will know that being trustworthy is important to your business and to their ability to keep their job.

They are going to provide that level of service to all their customers. They will be a better employee and they will encourage people to return to your business whenever they need your services. This is what you want as a business owner.

You want to be trusted by everyone who uses your service. You want them to trust you because this directly relates to their willingness to buy from you.

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