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Simple Ways Your Can Drive Floods of Mobile Traffic to Your Site…

Driving mobile traffic to your website is getting Driving mobile trafficeasier these days with more people owning mobile devices around the globe. I just read a rather disturbing statistic this morning that said something to the effect that more people around the world have some sort of mobile device than have a toothbrush. Not only is this disgusting, but it just goes to show how increasingly important it is for you to make sure your website caters to mobile users as well as computer users.

There’s more to encouraging mobile traffic than just making your site mobile friendly. You have to make people aware that your site caters to mobile devices, which takes putting more thought into marketing than you might realize. Here are some ideas you can put into place to help you do just that.

Encouraging Mobile Traffic

Encouraging mobile traffic on your site is a mite bit easier if you have an actual location where customers physically visit. But if not, no worries; some of the same rules apply.

Let people know that you have a mobile site to begin with. This can be as easy as posting a sign on the receptionist’s desk or placing a button on your website that says “visit us on your phone” or something to that effect. If your site has a different address for mobile (such as www.mywebsite.com/mobile), make sure you mark that on the button or sign so people know. However, you should have your website set up in such a way that if they visit the main address, it redirects to your mobile friendly website.

Another way to encourage mobile traffic is to direct visitors to your other online entities. For example, set up a whole page with nothing but your social media links on it. This will encourage people to “like” you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and Pinterest, check in on Foursquare and more.

Other Ways to Increase Mobile Traffic

Any way that you can get customers onto your website from their phone is a great way to encourage mobile traffic. For example, you might ask them to write reviews on Google or tell them they can click to call right from your website. Place directions on your mobile website, and direct them to your URL for directions to your business. You can also post website-only specials and coupons on your pages that force visitors to go directly to your URL and find the coupon in order to use it. That’s what a majority of online-only specials are all about. Then, Google will see that you’re getting a lot of mobile traffic and may choose to favor you in mobile search results organically.

There are many ways to increase mobile traffic to your website, and these are just a couple. The main theme here is to get the word out that you HAVE a mobile website in general, and oftentimes the traffic will automatically follow. Then, all you have to do is incentivize that traffic, and you’re good to go.

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  1. Sean, Great post it is amazing that more people have a mobile phone then a toothbrush. I also read that more people have a mobile phone than have electricity. The tips to increase traffic to your site and get google to recognize this organically is very helpful. I was watching a webinar and the stated that people make a buying decision within an hour when searching with mobile. I am not sure if this is true but if it is that is very powerful

  2. Jane Kaye-Bailey

    Not surprised to hear about there being more mobile phone owners than toothbrush owners. I run a charity in Zambia, the mobile phone has liberated rural communities, but they don’t have toothbrushes as the cannot afford the toothpaste! Some very useful tips to help with the charity – thank you!

  3. Hi Sean, this post ”

    Simple Ways Your Can Drive Floods of Mobile Traffic To Your Site” is a great read, and as always loaded with great information.

    I have a plugin installed on my site that convert the site to mobile friendly when someone visits from a mobile phone, is that enough or would you suggest still to do a redirect to a mobile friendly version.

    I also like your idea to set up a whole page with all your social media links on it.

    Keep up the good work mate.


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