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Digging a Little Deeper With Your Keywords


When you are niche hunting, or keyword gathering, its a good idea to actually dig as deep as possible. People tend to only go so far with their research, instead of using keyword modifiers or digging further into the niche. For example, if you were looking to start a niche blog that was aimed at people searching for a Canon digital camera, then you could use lots of different keyword modifiers to get that type of traffic.

Words like “reviews” and “opinions” spring to mind – but should you stop there? Certainly not, I would say, because there are much more in the way of modifiers. You would actually be able to add various accessories or peripherals to the modifier list, because people who are searching for a specific digital camera might also be looking to purchase them at the same time as their camera. Of course, there are a myriad of possibilities here, and this is mainly why people stop and use the first “layer” of keywords they find, that are directly linked to the primary keyword (such as reviews etc.).

To really dig deep into a niche, you need to consult the areas in which people in that particular niche congregate. You will find lots of forums for your niche, and you will be able to get a better understanding of the marketplace, and exactly what they are looking for. In this case, you would be looking for photography niche forums and discussion boards, or looking on Yahoo Answers for questions & answers in the niche.

Find all those that relate to the actual camera or keyword you are going to be using, and extrapolate search terms for them. Examples may include “What is the battery life on a Canon camera like?”. You could implement a search term like this quite easily in an article, and drag in a few hundred visitors a week if the question is asked often enough. The important factor is the competition. Do you think many Internet Marketers will be interested in putting a website up for that search term?

Not likely – they will probably go after the big keyword in the niche, and leave that kind of thing alone. This leaves a big opening for you to get in there, and take some of that traffic. As your traffic builds for these search terms (and there will be lots of long tail searches that come through too), your main keyword rankings will be assisted in ranking.

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