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5 AMAZING Reasons Why Darth Vader Would Make a Fantastic Entrepreneur

OK I admit it, I am a huge Star Wars fan. I have watched all the movies dozens of times each, used to collect the toys as a kid and have read all the books that have been written after the movies… I am a true geek I know!

However, I was watching the very first movies again in the background the other day as I was prepping for a speaking gig I was attending and I realized something pretty cool. Darth Vader would make an EXCELLENT Entrepreneur…. Well, if it was not for all that Dark Side, Evil stuff…

Think I am crazy? Let me make the case for Darth Vader in 5 amazing observations…

1.    Darth Vader is a Goal Setter and Achieves Those Goals

Who can argue that Darth Vader did not have elevated goals and knew how to achieve them. Ok his goal was to rule the Galaxy and I grant you, that is pretty much one of the largest goals an Entrepreneur can have.

Now, aiming big and making ensuring every decision you make moves you closer to those goals is a very important trait for successful entrepreneurs…

2.    Darth Vader Knows How To Outsource

Now, Darth Vader was a huge and powerful man with the power of the Dark Side of the force at his disposal and he was never afraid of getting his hands dirty himself.

However, he was never afraid to go outside to get jobs done. When he wanted to track down Han Solo he used Bounty Hunters like Boba Fett to track them down while he concentrated on other tasks that were more important.

Remember, it’s good for an entrepreneur to hire skills outside your own for temporary tasks that allow you to focus on the main tasks you need to attend to.

3.    Darth Vader Knows How To Motivate His Team

Ok this one is a bit of a stretch but bear with me. There is no doubting that Darth knew how to motivate a team to get a job done. Even if that did mean the occasional force choking.

I am not suggesting strangling a team worker if they disappoint you (even though that can be tempting sometimes!). However, finding new and inventive ways to motivate your team and setting your expectations for them is a very powerful way to keep your business on path to meet your goals and get the job done…

4.    Darth Vader Is Determined and Has Perseverance

Now, who can argue that Darth Vader was not a determined individual who would never let a small road block get in his way, he would just blast it with a huge green laser from the Death Star…

As an entrepreneur you have to have the mindset to achieve your goals and make things happen regardless of the obstacles in your way. You will always face obstacles and challenges, that is life, not just business life.

As a successful entrepreneur you will have to face those obstacles and either find a way around them or blast them out of your way…

5.    Darth Vader Knows How To Be An Authority Figure

If you see that black cloak, large dark helmet and hear that heavy breathing coming towards you are you going to doubt it’s Darth Vader approaching you?

All these attributes are a facet of his own authority presence that he uses to command the attention of all those around him as the central authority figure in the room.

Again, I am not suggesting you get some new breathing apparatus and a big cloak. However, being confident and developing your personal brand is critical for your future success.

If you believe in everything you do so passionately and carry that confidence and passion around with you like a flaming beacon you will naturally earn the trust and respect of those around you as the authority figure in your niche.

Now, admittedly this was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek article. However, you can see how these traits are very important for you as a budding entrepreneur in your own right.

Think about these five points and see how they relate to you right now. Are these things you can truly apply to how you are doing business right now and your own mindset? Are these things you need to work on?

Let me know your thoughts or comments below. I would love to hear from you…

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  1. CanDo Enterprise

    Hey I liked it

  2. Darth Vader certainly knew how to be an authority figure. Still, it was a big leap from controlling your Passat to ruling virtually the entire galaxy. How did he map out intermediate goals along the way? Oh, and lest we forget: there was a tiny defect in his Death Star system that prevented his plans from reaching their final fruition.

  3. Wow, interesting analogy. I would add one more. Darth Vader is very good at Branding. You can see his dark blank suit from a mile away and this consistency builds brands.

  4. He was of course a super affiliate for the emperor. Selling the will of the dark force across the galaxy. Not always using (if ever) nice tactics, but you can’t say he didn’t get results. Nuff said.

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