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Daily Blogging: Keeping Up with it for Real

Daily blogging is harder than it soundsdaily blogging. Everyone thinks they have it within themselves to sit down and contribute one post per day to their blogs. But how many actually do? Not as many as you would expect.

The thing about having high aspirations for internet marketing versus the actual drive for it is that those with aspirations often put their goals on too high of a pedestal for human reach. Those with the drive, though, are often burned out quickly, so there really isn’t a good emotion to pinpoint as the one you should have as an internet marketer. Sure, you should be inspired and driven to succeed in daily blogging, but don’t fuel yourself with those, or you’ll run out of gas almost immediately out the gate.

How to Keep Up with Daily Blogging

Daily blogging is not easy to get the hang of. In fact, daily blogging is usually the first thing to go when something comes up in your schedule. No one wants to sacrifice happy hour or a sports game when they could be… well… blogging instead.

You may well prioritize, but until that priority actually takes place in your schedule as well as in your brain, or in other words, in practice as well as in spirit, you won’t get anywhere with your daily blogging. It’s that simple. You either do it every day, or you don’t, but if you don’t, then don’t call it daily blogging.

Now there is one way you can circumvent actually doing it “daily.” Daily doesn’t always mean seven days each week. You can do it Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday instead. It will probably do you good to take a day or two off, as trying to post something daily usually results in poor quality posts and a lot of filler that no one wants or needs to read.

How to Make Enough Topics for Daily Blogging

My problem with daily blogging is varying my posts enough that I don’t run out of ideas and readers don’t run out of interest. But it’s honestly very easy to lose steam when writing daily, as it’s difficult to think of new material and write it besides.

You need to get used to researching new topics that relate to your niche, even if you don’t write about them directly. Having new information knock around inside your head will give you fresh material to write about, if nothing else. Plus, you need to stay up to date with new developments in your niche, or you’ll fall behind. People notice that when they read a blog. If they’re keeping up with yours, chances are that they’re reading someone else’s too. Don’t think for a second they don’t compare yours to someone else’s. Just be sure you’re performing due diligence with your daily blogging to keep your readers informed and happy with the material you’re putting out, or you’ll be out of an audience. These tips should help you start to put the “daily” back into daily blogging.

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