Before submitting a ticket please visit the following links:

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Posted by Linda Lou on 01 April 2015 11:00 AM


Our Hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST/PDT) during Non-Launch periods.

If your ticket is currently being addressed you will see the agents work times in the signature area of your ticket.

Please understand it may take any where from 12 to 72 hours to assist you depending on your issue, and, on the number of tickets ahead of yours, as well as if we are in launch of a new product. All tickets are answered in the order they are submitted...

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue. When you submit multiple tickets it hinders us in helping to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, thank you from a grateful IMSC Support Team who are working very hard to assist you...

In order to best serve all our customers and reduce ticket turn around times please refer to the following:

We are no longer checking customer websites for other developer's plugin or theme conflicts, or individual host's memory or php settings. If after installing one of our plugins you experience issues on your website scroll down to news article dated 01/29/15 for initial trouble shooting steps

We will however assist you with any issue that directly relates to our services or plugins specifically. If you have a "general sales question" the trouble shooting instructions below do not apply and your specific logins are not usually required. If you have a "how to issue" please refer to the trouble shooting steps below...

If you have not taken the time to watch our plugin tutorials in your member areas we ask that you do so before submitting a ticket for trouble shooting assistance or asking general questions that can typically be answered in our videos in your plugin members area.

Scroll down to find current IMSC plugin versions under the Trouble Shooting article.

Please also check our growing knowledge base before submitting your ticket.

We always answer oldest tickets first and all tickets are assigned to specific agents by Support Room Management. We do not allow our agents to choose their own tickets, nor do we allow agents to answer one another's assigned tickets unless management determines to do so.

If you send a ticket then come back and add to it an hour or two later it will move your original ticket to "as new" in the queue all over again. So if you make sure you have everything in your ticket you need help with before you click the submit button and do not add to it later you will not loose your place in our ticket queue...

If you are experiencing delays or inadequate assistance in getting your issue resolved please do not yell at or demean the agent helping you, simply submit a new ticket subject ATTN: Linda Lou, with your other ticket ID# and name of the agent in the ticket and kindly explain the situation. As the Support Room manager I will gladly check into the situation for you and do what is necessary to get it resolved, it is our intent to create positive conversation as well as a lasting relationship with you, and, we will do everything within our power to achieve this goal...

If you believe you should have received an answer to your issue or question sooner than you have please refer to the bottom of each reply you receive, you will see the agents name as well as the days and hours they work, it could simply be that they are currently off shift, if so they will answer you when they return...

To further reduce ticket turn around times for you we now have our own in house "Tier Level" assistance system.

Tier 1
All tickets requiring trouble shooting assistance are checked for login information accuracy as mentioned below. If your information is not correct or something is missing Jazzy will reach out to you for what is needed. If all your information is correctly provided they will forward your ticket to Tier 2.

If your issue is a "how to" question about one of our plugins that you did not find the answer to in our tutorials or knowledge base it will be assigned directly to Tier 2 or Tier 3 depending on the question; in many cases Support Management answers those tickets personally. If you have questions about WordPress in general please search Google, or your favorite search engine, for your answers. There are a myriad of great websites and videos available that will assist you with your WordPress learning curve, including the forums at

If you would like more in-depth personal attention and answers to your online marketing questions you can join the Inner Circle 14 day trial for $1.00 here.

Tier 2/3
General "how to" questions and initial in-depth troubleshooting attempts. In most cases your issue or questions will be resolved here with Kris.

Tier 3
If your issue cannot be resolved at this level we will take your issue to our Development/Programmer Team, Tier 4. If your issue goes to Tier 4, we will keep you updated on the status of resolution from our Development Department.

BEFORE you submit a ticket requiring trouble shooting assistance please see the Trouble Shooting news article as well as our Knowledge Base...

If you reply to a ticket from your email client and it returns as not deliverable just come back to the support room here, login with your "original" product purchase email address/password and you will find your existing tickets to reply back to us. Some email clients reject our system emails when you try to reply to us; why?, honestly we do not know, there are so many email clients worldwide and it is so sporadic we have been unable to nail it down. However, we are working in the background to bring a new support system online that we are hoping will alleviate this issue for you, and for us. We have also built an inclusive knowledge base to further assist you in getting your answers quicker...

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