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site installer extra steps and ftp info in required fields
Posted by on 16 October 2011 10:04 AM

When you use the site installer, we have some extra steps to look at and some checks to make on your info that you enter from the required fields.

Here is some conversation I have had in response to a few tickets, I hope this information will help a lot and give you some extra steps to try before we have to go to a support ticket.


"I would say go copy paste the url and see if it did complete even with a error message. I just did another site, got the same error, but the site is installed. We will be fixing this asap."

Worpress Firewall 2

If you do not disable this plugin, you will not be able to edit any content, or do anything else with your new blog. You will get a redirect to your home page after saving any content editing.

"If you do indeed have the site installed...go into wp-admin and turn off wp-firewall plugin for editing. Plugin is named Wordpress Firewall 2"

Add Correct Info In Username Field

"Did you do the user name as in the ftp portion of the site launcher? I see on addon domains that this is a critical step. I am doing another of my own test sites today as I write this to watch the steps and advise and ask questions. I had to go to my cpanel for this info and create it. It does not use the full name as described and I took my user name for this domain, added the @ symbol after it, and then added the url to make it the full name they require in the launcher, like this .

I just did my next test site and got the same error, but when I went to the domain it was there. I am sure there will be some coding fixes coming soon. I did create my site even with these other issues. "

The base admin details are here and login url. Just add your own url name inside the url given. Make sure to follow the next steps to create a new user and then go back and delete this first admin account, this way you create your own account with a new password and login name.
User Name: Administrator

Password: access99

Google Adsense Account Info

You may also add any number in the required fields for the Google adsense area. This will work in case you do not have an account and can edit these details at a later date.

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