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Rapid Mailer - Bulk Assign Subscribers to Another List
Posted by on 09 February 2016 03:31 PM

There was no "confirm" link sent out first, but the post with a "Direct Sales Page" link. Which means, I think, I will not know who's interested in this product and if they purchase, right?

My conclusion about why there's no "confirm" link first sent out, is because the imported list says all are already "active", therefore no confirm link, or am I wrong again on this one. Should I rather insert the link on my website with the product I'm selling, instead of the "Direct Sales Page" link?

You are correct: if Rapid Mailer shows an email as active, then no confirmation link will be sent. Only those emails that are marked "inactive" will receive a confirmation link. You should definitely have a link on your website to the product you're selling as well. One technique I have seen is to have a value packed email, that redirects them to a more detailed post on the site, which would then have a link to the product or service. That way, you're maximizing the potential customer's engagement instead of instantly sending them to a product sales page. 

What I meant was that if you have a smaller priced product (say anywhere from $27-97) you can simply send a broadcast email as a one-off. If the product is $197 and up, you would want to create an email sequence that gradually shows potential customers how it will solve their problem. The higher price a product is, the more you need to build your relationship. Put another way, if you've ever looked at a high priced product, you may have noticed that the sales page is usually very, very long. This is because it takes more effort to sell and thus needs more time to break down a prospects barriers.

Here's how to create an autoresponder sequence: and should you wish, how to add various media to it:

Regarding your question on moving subscribers, this video shows you how:

Regarding your interval question, You can set this as here (If you're using your local server, check with them as to how fast you can set this): and then set the Cron job within your cPanel as here: the default is every 5 minutes but this, of course, can be set to anything you like. Again, check with your host. 

When you queue your test email check to see if the setting was to queue immediately, in which case it would queue it, but not send it until a later time via the server, or if the queue was set to a future date. If this is the case, then the queue itself would not be created until that date.

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