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Support Center - How to Find Your Existing Tickets
Posted by on 01 April 2015 08:47 PM

Please note, that if you have an existing ticket and add an additional reply to it before we can get to it, it will move your ticket to the bottom of the queue. We will get to your ticket as soon as is possible, your patience is appreciated, we answer all tickets in the order they are received, answering oldest tickets first. "Do not" submit multiple tickets for the same issue, it won't get answered any quicker than your original ticket and only serves to slow down our support process...Thank you

If you can't login to the support center you most likely need to register your email and choose your password. You will find the "Register" button right under the search box at the top of each support center page. If you have issue doing this please submit a ticket and we will reset your password for you...


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