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FAQ - Plugin Versions
Posted by Linda Lou S on 27 March 2017 02:01 PM


Most of the products listed below are available to Inner Circle Accelerator members, part of the List Building Power Pack with Rapid Mailer and/or extensions to Profit Builder, or, some of our other products for purchase listed below... 

You can download all of the following from the plugins member areas, or if applicable from Inner Circle. If you receive a php version error make sure your host is on at least PHP 5.5, where ioncube loaders are required it needs to be current.

01. IMSC AdCommando v1.1.1
02. Adsense FireStorm v1.4.5 - No Longer Available
03. Azon Authority 1.34
04. Content Energizer v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
05. Content Firestorm V2.0
06. CTR Booster v1.0.4
07. IMSC Attracta v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
08. IMSC Backlink Commando v1.3 - No Longer Available
09. IMSC Collector v1.0.2 
10. IMSC Core Libraries v1.5.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
11. IMSC Enchant Bar v1.0.1
12. IMSC FB LeadSiphon v1.0.1
13. IMSC FreshLeads v1.2.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
14. IMSC List Rocket v1.2.2.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
15. IMSC Magnet v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
16. IMSC Notify v1.0.1
17. IMSC PingFresh v1.4.7 - No Longer Available
18. IMSC Promote Me Pro v1.5.4 - No Longer Available
19. IMSC Rapid Mailer v1.8.8 - Compatible with PHP 7, IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed 
20. IMSC Scarcity Tornado v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
21. IMSC Sentry v1.5.5
22. IMSC Site Guardian v1.0.2
23. IMSC Social Lockdown v1.0.1
24. IMSC Site Cloner v1.2
25. Instant Commission Magnet v1.0.6 - No Longer Available
26. PDF Rockstar v1.1.2
27. Syndication Rockstar v1.7.6 - No Longer Available
28. Viral Image Pages v1.0.1
29. WP Profit Builder Version 1 > v1.9.8 - No Longer Needs Ioncube - PBTheme v3.3.5 - Profit Builder Lite 1.9.0
WP Profit Builder Version 2 > 2.3.8 > PBTheme 3.4.4
30. WP Blog Rocket v 1.0.1
31. EZPopups v 1.0.1
32. LeadsFlow Pro v 1.25 - Now compatible with PHP 7
33. Sellosity 2.6.1 - Genesis 1.2 - Dropshipping Addon 1.0.3


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