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LeadsFlow Pro - Where Do I Start and How Do I Get Updates
Posted by on 22 September 2016 03:21 PM

1. How do I get written instructions on how to use the LeadFlowPro. I have been some training but it is over my head and I don't know where to start.
2. How will I hear about updates to what I bought?

There are no plans to release a written manual. The best way is to see the actions being taken in the training videos, pause, and then duplicate them. 

The best place to start is the very first video in your member area, which is "Module 1 - Installing and Configuring." From there, just go on to Module 2, 3 etc. 

After this, you can choose to watch the usage videos or the live training videos. But spend the time on those basic modules as everything else will be clearer once these are mastered. You can also find "how to videos" and "FAQ's" here: 

Regarding updates, you can use the Wordpress Update feature, to check, as shown in the screenshot below. But most times when you log back into your site and go to the Plugins section, you will see which plugins need updating and can do so.



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