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Posted by Linda Lou on 07 December 2015 11:13 PM

Support Center Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST/PDT)

 Click Here to See What Our Time Zone Date & Time is Currently...

If you're having issues, please check this first before submitting a ticket, these steps
will solve 99% of issues you may be experiencing from your wp-admin or your host...

If you bought LeadsFlow Pro Elite please use that activation code
found in your members area menu "Resources > Licenses"

FYI - "We are prepping for the release of ProfitBuilder with the new 2.0 update."

We're adding 100s of new features, improvements and a MASSIVE new template library... 

However, to make sure everything is ready we need to take
the member's area down for maintentance to make sure the transition
between PB V1 and the update for PB 2.0 is a smooth one...

The member's area will reopen when 2.0 launches on March 28th.

Watch your email to receive inside sneak peeks of the new version and how you can
access your complementary upgrade to the new version as we get closer to launch...


Please allow 12-72 hours Monday thru Friday for your tickets to be answered. We answer all tickets in the order they are received. Your ticket will be answered as soon as possible depending on the number of tickets ahead of yours. Please understand during product launches we are potentially replying to hundreds of tickets per day, your patience is greatly appreciated... During product launches we do work extra hours as well as Saturday as/if needed.

99% of any issue you may experience can be resolved by you, on your end. If none of the below solves your issue submit a ticket and let us know you have checked ALL of the following information on this page regardless of your product/plugin along with the issue you are experiencing... Please remember to "not" submit multiple tickets for the same issue, only submit new tickets for new issues, click here to find your existing tickets.  You will find our IMSC Holiday Support Calendar here..., where our individual Agent and Support Room days off are specified as "off or closed".

Direct access link to our video tutorial knowledge base.  This will also assist you in finding your answers quicker when we are closed or if you don't want to wait for your ticket to be answered. If you don't find the article/video you're looking for try using quotation marks "before and after" your search term for a more refined search; one word terms work best like "footer", "header", "menu" "video", etc.



YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER UPGRADE WORDPRESS within the first 2-4 weeks of its release in order to give developers time to upgrade their plugins/themes.

WHEN YOU DO UPGRADE DISABLE ALL PLUGINS > UPGRADE WP > RE-ENABLE PLUGINS 1 BY 1 to see if there's an issue with any of your plugins & new WP updates! If you find issues disable the plugin & contact support to see if a new version has been released that is compatible w/new WP. Profit Builder's been updated to 1.8.4 and Theme to 3.1.2, you will find them in your members area. Delete your current versions (you won't loose data), deactivate other plugins, download, install...

Click Here if You Have Updated WP :: Click Here if You Are Having Issues w/New PB Versions

Stop WordPress Auto Updates (If your host auto updates WordPress tell them to stop or switch hosts.) 

Here are further instructions for how to update WordPress, Themes, Plugins :: Easy Update Manager

1. Where is my login information? How do I get access to my product to download?

We don't send emails with your login information, except EZPopups, with the rest of our plugins you actually activate your licenses by logging into your jvzoo or clickbank purchase panel within 60 minutes of your purchase, clicking on the products and following the member registration links to choose your username/password for your members area. Once you have done that go back and activate any other products/OTO's you have purchased, once you have registered and activated your products you can login at your respective product members areas. If you purchased EZPopups our system will automatically send you your login information after your purchase is complete...if you don't find it in your main email box check your spam folder, and, it is also possible that you typed your email address incorrectly, check your jvzoo/clickbank receipt to be sure. If you typed your email address incorrectly let us know and we will be happy to assist you during our regular working hours as noted above...

Profit Builder :: Azon Authority :: Rapid Mailer :: WPBlog Rocket :: Inner Circle Accelerator::EZPopups ::
Rapid Software System :: LeadsFlow Pro :: Sellosity :: 
(links will open in a new window)

If you run into an issue with registering your purchase to your members area send us your receipt, along with the username and password you want to use and we will set it up manually (username cannot be email address and password must be a minimum of 8 characters), but, please do try to activate it from your purchase panel first as we may not be able to do it for you right away depending on the number of tickets that are ahead of yours...

Content Firestorm Download:
You will find Content Firestorm in your members area menu at under the "Tutorials" link, hover your mouse over "Tutorials" you will see a drop down, the last listing is "Content Firestorm" click, download button is below the video...please note that Blog Rocket and Content Firestorm have their own separate activation codes, you will find both of them in your members area menu > "Licenses".

When you purchased one of our products you received an email from us giving you free access to the "Inner Circle Kickstart Membership" with a username/password. If you sign up for the $1.00 trial you need to activate it from your JVzoo purchase panel. The link there will take you to a registration page where you will choose "Existing Member" and input the same username/password you received for the Kickstart membership and your account will be upgraded to the Accelerator level where you will have access to everything and will no longer receive the "Oops you need to upgrade message..." If you're receiving that message it merely means you haven't activated your trial...

If you have issue activating your trial submit a ticket with your purchase receipt to-ATTN: Linda Lou and I will be happy to activate it for you. If you are an "Accelerator Member" please identify your membership in your ticket and always send to ATTN: Linda Lou...

If you are an Inner Circle Accelerator member and are using your Inner Circle serial # with the plugin you downloaded "from Inner Circle" be sure you check the "I am an Inner Circle member" below the activation areas. If you are installing the plugin you purchased outside of Inner Circle and using that serial # make sure the "I am an Inner Circle member" is unchecked.

2. My activation code doesn't work.
Make sure you have no trailing spaces before or after when you copy and paste to your wp admin area. If you have not installed your plugin from the Inner Circle make sure the box below the activation area "I am an Inner Circle member" is "unchecked"... the other thing to do would be to deactivate your other plugins, activate your new plugin then reactivate your other plugins...this could also be a bad install so backup your site, deactivate/delete your new plugin, download a fresh copy from your members area and reinstall while your other plugins are deactivated.

Make sure your host has not disabled "fsockopen". This function needs to be enabled and is required for activation for our plugins to function… Also ask your host if they are blocking your site to access external websites, in this case our licensing servers, please white list the following IP addresses: you might also try these,,,,, In addition, make sure your host has the most current PHP 5.5 or 5.6 installed on your site.

If you purchased LeadsFlow Pro Elite or Elite +, please make sure you are using that activation code which you will find in your members area menu "Resources > Licenses".

3. My tickets aren't being answered.
Please submit and reply to all tickets from our main support room - login and you will see a link "My Tickets" remember to always choose the correct department from the drop down menu before submitting your ticket. If you are using "email protection" systems turn them off or don't expect to receive notification or our reply back to you, they often do not work from our system and is best to always check your existing tickets in our support center. We personally guarantee you that when the support center is open, and we are on shift, every ticket submitted to us through our support center ticket system is being received, being seen, and being answered as quickly as possible...

4. For "ALL" other issues you might experience follow the steps here "BEFORE SUBMITTING A TICKET", please do check them and let us know you have completed the steps listed in that article in your ticket. If you don't check these things or let us know you have we will kindly ask you to come back here to check them before we can assist you... 

5. Please take the time to read our support policies, it will help you better understand our system management and hopefully alleviate any frustrations for you.

6. Direct access link to our video tutorial knowledge base this will also assist you in finding your answers quicker when we are closed. If you don't find the article/video you're looking for try using quotation marks "before and after" your search term for a more refined search...

7. Please check these additional trouble shooting steps on your end before submitting a ticket.

8. 99% of all issues can be resolved by following all of the above issues on your end, and most are things you will need to check and let us know you checked them before we will ask you for access to your site in order to check our plugin for possible issues...

9. Current Plugin Versions

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Posted by Linda Lou on 01 April 2015 11:00 AM


Our Hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST/PDT) during Non-Launch periods.

If your ticket is currently being addressed you will see the agents work times in the signature area of your ticket.

Please understand it may take any where from 12 to 72 hours to assist you depending on your issue, and, on the number of tickets ahead of yours, as well as if we are in launch of a new product. All tickets are answered in the order they are submitted...

Please do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue. When you submit multiple tickets it hinders us in helping to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, thank you from a grateful IMSC Support Team who are working very hard to assist you...

In order to best serve all our customers and reduce ticket turn around times please refer to the following:

We are no longer checking customer websites for other developer's plugin or theme conflicts, or individual host's memory or php settings. If after installing one of our plugins you experience issues on your website scroll down to news article dated 01/29/15 for initial trouble shooting steps

We will however assist you with any issue that directly relates to our services or plugins specifically. If you have a "general sales question" the trouble shooting instructions below do not apply and your specific logins are not usually required. If you have a "how to issue" please refer to the trouble shooting steps below...

If you have not taken the time to watch our plugin tutorials in your member areas we ask that you do so before submitting a ticket for trouble shooting assistance or asking general questions that can typically be answered in our videos in your plugin members area.

Scroll down to find current IMSC plugin versions under the Trouble Shooting article.

Please also check our growing knowledge base before submitting your ticket.

We always answer oldest tickets first and all tickets are assigned to specific agents by Support Room Management. We do not allow our agents to choose their own tickets, nor do we allow agents to answer one another's assigned tickets unless management determines to do so.

If you send a ticket then come back and add to it an hour or two later it will move your original ticket to "as new" in the queue all over again. So if you make sure you have everything in your ticket you need help with before you click the submit button and do not add to it later you will not loose your place in our ticket queue...

If you are experiencing delays or inadequate assistance in getting your issue resolved please do not yell at or demean the agent helping you, simply submit a new ticket subject ATTN: Linda Lou, with your other ticket ID# and name of the agent in the ticket and kindly explain the situation. As the Support Room manager I will gladly check into the situation for you and do what is necessary to get it resolved, it is our intent to create positive conversation as well as a lasting relationship with you, and, we will do everything within our power to achieve this goal...

If you believe you should have received an answer to your issue or question sooner than you have please refer to the bottom of each reply you receive, you will see the agents name as well as the days and hours they work, it could simply be that they are currently off shift, if so they will answer you when they return...

To further reduce ticket turn around times for you we now have our own in house "Tier Level" assistance system.

Tier 1
All tickets requiring trouble shooting assistance are checked for login information accuracy as mentioned below. If your information is not correct or something is missing Jazzy will reach out to you for what is needed. If all your information is correctly provided they will forward your ticket to Tier 2.

If your issue is a "how to" question about one of our plugins that you did not find the answer to in our tutorials or knowledge base it will be assigned directly to Tier 2 or Tier 3 depending on the question; in many cases Support Management answers those tickets personally. If you have questions about WordPress in general please search Google, or your favorite search engine, for your answers. There are a myriad of great websites and videos available that will assist you with your WordPress learning curve, including the forums at

If you would like more in-depth personal attention and answers to your online marketing questions you can join the Inner Circle 14 day trial for $1.00 here.

Tier 2/3
General "how to" questions and initial in-depth troubleshooting attempts. In most cases your issue or questions will be resolved here with Kris.

Tier 3
If your issue cannot be resolved at this level we will take your issue to our Development/Programmer Team, Tier 4. If your issue goes to Tier 4, we will keep you updated on the status of resolution from our Development Department.

BEFORE you submit a ticket requiring trouble shooting assistance please see the Trouble Shooting news article as well as our Knowledge Base...

If you reply to a ticket from your email client and it returns as not deliverable just come back to the support room here, login with your "original" product purchase email address/password and you will find your existing tickets to reply back to us. Some email clients reject our system emails when you try to reply to us; why?, honestly we do not know, there are so many email clients worldwide and it is so sporadic we have been unable to nail it down. However, we are working in the background to bring a new support system online that we are hoping will alleviate this issue for you, and for us. We have also built an inclusive knowledge base to further assist you in getting your answers quicker...

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Trouble Shooting
Posted by Linda Lou on 29 January 2015 09:38 PM


When you install any IMSC plugin and experience issues with your site after doing so the issue will most likely relate to another plugin or theme conflict, or, an incomplete install which will almost always relate to memory or php limitations as set by your host provider.

1. Before you check your site for other plugin or theme conflicts
be sure you have a complete backup of your site's files/folders and database. If you are unsure how to do this please contact your host provider. It is our recommendation that you backup your site and database 1-2 times a week depending on your own personal needs. Any plugin or theme you install, regardless of who the developer is, can conflict with other plugins or theme you have and can potentially break your site. If you get in the habit of making regular backups you will never loose your site. If you do not do backups you put yourself at risk of your site being unrecoverable...

2. Make sure you have the most current versions of all the plugins/themes you are using, including all IMSC themes and plugins which are listed below in the next article and the list is kept current any time a new version comes out.

3. If you have other plugins showing in your wp-admin plugin section as deactivated it is our recommendation that you completely delete those plugins you are no longer using. Even though they are deactivated they still remain in your database and affect your site's load speed. After you have deleted any plugin we also recommend using a tool such as that will clean and optimize your database after deletions. There are others available, it is your choice which one you choose to use.

4. Deactivate all your active plugins, except the IMSC plugin you have just installed and any other plugins that came with the IMSC plugin (such as Wordpress Visual Icons that comes packaged with Profit Builder), then check your issue to see if it corrects. If you have a caching plugin do not deactivate it, just make sure "minify" is unchecked and/or turn off caching in the plugin itself. Although, you may deactivate it as well if you so choose and know what you are doing.

5. If the issue with one of our plugins is resolved after deactivating all other plugins you have a conflict between another plugin you are using and ours.

6. To discover which plugin(s) is/are creating the conflict you will need to activate your other plugins one by one then check again after activating each one to see if the issue resolves or returns. If/when the issue returns you will know which plugin is creating the conflict with one of ours. At this point you will need to choose which plugin is most important. If there is a plugin creating the conflict that you absolutely must have for your site you can install Profit Builder and/or Rapid Mailer, as well as Backlink Commando specifically in their own sub-directory on your site with their own wordpress install and database.

7. If you do not find another plugin to be the conflict it may be the theme you are using. Deactivate your current theme and activate one of the wordpress default themes then check to see if the issue with our plugin resolves. If it does your preferred theme is causing the conflict. NOTE: do not deactivate your theme without having backed up your site as noted above; if using a child theme be sure you have backed up child and parent.

8. If you receive an error relating to ioncube or php version settings please contact your host as you need minimum php 5.4 (although we recommend 5.5 native) and IonCube 4.4. If your host specifies that all is current send us the following login information (as listed below #11) so we can check the error and advise you further.

9. If you experience any IMSC plugin/theme install issues where the install times out, doesn't complete, or your site shows as a blank page, this almost always relates to the low memory settings your host has provided to you; if this is the case contact your host and ask them to configure your php.ini file to reflect the following (128M and max execution settings is an example only, you can ask to set them higher and will depend on your host's policies, some cpanel hosting providers use a .user.ini file):

#Change upload limits
file_uploads = On
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 64M
memory_limit = 256M
max_execution_time 0
#Change upload limits end

Also, please have your host whitelist the following IPs and make sure they have not disabled fsockopen() for security reasons as it is necessary for our license servers:

10. If you have several of our IMSC plugins installed and are installing a new IMSC plugin and experience "serial # activation issues" deactivate all other IMSC plugins then activate the new one, after activation re-activate the others, if you are using Rapid Mailer re-activate it last.

If you are an Inner Circle member and are using your IC serial # with the plugin you downloaded "from IC" be sure you check the "I am an Inner Circle member" below the activation areas. If you are installing the plugin you purchased outside of IC and using that serial # make sure the "I am an Inner Circle member" is unchecked.

If you are having activation issues with List Rocket and any other plugins that come with List Rocket, deactivate Rapid Mailer and any other IMSC plugins, activate List Rocket and the other plugins, then re-activate IMSC plugins, Rapid Mailer last...

11. If none of the above corrects the issue you are having, and YOU HAVE DONE ALL OF THE ABOVE send "ALLof the following information for us to be able to troubleshoot further for you. Just to be clear, "we will not double check your plugins/themes for conflictswe assume you have done this already as to the above instructions.

In order to assist you and resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please send us a screenshot or video of your problem, you can use jing for both it is free, if you have a windows pc or laptop you can install and use Windows Snipping Tool for screenshots , for Windows 7 you will find it in Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool

Before you send us your login information please double check that it is the correct information.  ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MUST BE IN YOUR SUPPORT TICKET along with the description/screenshot and/or video of your issue in order to resolve your problem as quickly as possible, without the correct information it will delay your issue getting resolved as quickly as it would if we have the correct information to start with...

1. Your site url, your wp-admin, ftp and cpanel username and login information, as well as your IMSC plugin member area username/password so we can attempt to determine the issue. ALL of this information is necessary for us to have at hand to be able to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

2. You must let us know that you have checked all your plugins/themes for conflicts (as listed above), that the problem still exists after checking, and that you have backed up your site. If you find a conflict with one of your other plugins or theme let us know what they are. Although we cannot guarantee that we can resolve the compatibility issue we will look into "the most popular plugins and themes" to see if there is something we might be able to do to assist you...

3. ***IMPORTANT***
You MUST also type "I Accept Your Terms" in your support ticket to the disclaimer below. If you have taken the steps above accepting our terms should not be an issue for you. We require this disclaimer due to customers who claim to have completed the above steps but actually have not and is meant to protect us in that event.

Disclaimer: In providing us with direct access to your account you automatically hold ADD Marketing Group free and harmless from any liability for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from our accessing your account.

If you have any questions regarding our new support policies or need assistance not outlined above please send a ticket direct to ATTN: Linda Lou

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Current Plugin Versions
Posted by Linda Lou on 29 January 2015 09:35 PM


Most of the products listed below are available to Inner Circle Accelerator members, part of the List Building Power Pack with Rapid Mailer and/or extensions to Profit Builder, or, some of our other products for purchase listed below... 

You can download all of the following from the plugins member areas, or if applicable from Inner Circle. If you receive a php version error make sure your host is on at least PHP 5.5, where ioncube loaders are required it needs to be current.

01. IMSC AdCommando v1.1.1
02. Adsense FireStorm v1.4.5 - No Longer Available
03. Azon Authority 1.34
04. Content Energizer v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
05. Content Firestorm V2.0
06. CTR Booster v1.0.4
07. IMSC Attracta v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
08. IMSC Backlink Commando v1.3 - No Longer Available
09. IMSC Collector v1.0.2 
10. IMSC Core Libraries v1.5.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
11. IMSC Enchant Bar v1.0.1
12. IMSC FB LeadSiphon v1.0.1
13. IMSC FreshLeads v1.2.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
14. IMSC List Rocket v1.2.2.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
15. IMSC Magnet v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
16. IMSC Notify v1.0.1
17. IMSC PingFresh v1.4.7 - No Longer Available
18. IMSC Promote Me Pro v1.5.4 - No Longer Available
19. IMSC Rapid Mailer v1.8.7 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed 
20. IMSC Scarcity Tornado v1.1 - IonCube Loaders No Longer Needed
21. IMSC Sentry v1.5.5
22. IMSC Site Guardian v1.0.2
23. IMSC Social Lockdown v1.0.1
24. IMSC Site Cloner v1.2
25. Instant Commission Magnet v1.0.6 - No Longer Available
26. PDF Rockstar v1.1.2
27. Syndication Rockstar v1.7.6 - No Longer Available
28. Viral Image Pages v1.0.1
29. WP Profit Builder v1.9.8 - No Longer Needs Ioncube - PBTheme v3.2.4 - Profit Builder Lite 1.9.0
30. WP Blog Rocket v 1.0.1
31. EZPopups v 1.0.1
32. LeadsFlow Pro v 1.20
33. Sellosity 1.0.4

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Problems Creating or Upgrading your Inner Circle Account
Posted by Lisa Monroe on 17 April 2014 02:19 PM

If you are having problems upgrading your account to Accelerator from Kickstart level or having trouble creating an account here are a few steps you can take. 

First, when you purchase many of our products we usually create a FREE Kickstart Account automatically and send you your login information. As such, when you decide to upgrade and checkout, you will be taken to a member registration form.

You will need to click on the "Existing Member" link in step 1. Once you are on the Existing Member page, enter your Kickstart Account login details that were emailed to you at the time of purchase of a product. 

If you are unsure of your account username and password it will be the same email as the email you used for your product that you purchased. If you don't know your Kickstart password or cannot find the email with this information, you can reset your password by clicking here. This will only be for your Kickstart account and will not change your product logins.

If you cannot find your original sign up link and you purchased via JVZoo you can click here to access to your purchases:

If you purchased via Clickbank you can click here and enter your Transaction ID:

If you continue to have problems accessing, upgrading or creating your account, please send us a ticket and we will be happy to help.




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