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Creative Websites: Thinking out of the Box

Creative websites don’t happen overnight.Creative websites Sometimes ideas for creative websites come out of the blue, like when you’re driving down the road or sitting through a meeting at work. But when they do pop into your head, be ready with a pen and paper to write them down. It might just change your life.

Everybody and their brother has a website about how to make money online, how to trade stocks on the foreign exchange market and how to attract a partner several leagues above yours. But does your talent really lie in these areas? Creative websites that break the internet marketing mold and fit in with your talents just might be a better option.

Creative Websites that Match Your Talents

It’s hard to break into a market that’s already saturated with the websites of other internet affiliates who are trying to make a buck selling relationship advice eBooks and make-money-the-easy-way videos. But you can corner a different market by thinking outside of the standard marketing niches.

Take stock of your life so far. What have you done with it? Have you worked a 9 to 5 job most of the days? Or have you been a stay at home mom? If you’re the latter, then you have a lot better chance of starting creative websites that teach new parents how to help a baby quit crying and raise their children to be well-behaved than marketing your own life coaching videos that teach workers how to start working for themselves. In fact, the child-rearing market is huge in the online world.

The possibilities for creative websites in that niche are endless. Think, for example, of all the many branches you could start with a niche like child-rearing. Beyond your original website, you could make a forum where you answer questions that new mothers and fathers have about their kids. You could create a YouTube channel where you post how-to videos and product reviews that revolve around raising children. Of course, you would also make a Facebook page and a Twitter account where you keep your fans updated on your own experiences and any new products you love (and of course promote).

Creative Websites that Revolve Around Your Hobbies

Not everyone can make creative websites around their hobbies. If your hobby isn’t very popular – or if it’s too popular – you might not be able to drive enough traffic to it. However, if you can select a sub-niche of a popular hobby, or corner the market on a less popular one, your odds of succeeding increase greatly.

For instance, if your hobby is playing the piano, you probably won’t be able to sustain creative websites that touch on all aspects of playing the piano. However, you can specialize in one particular niche and achieve great success.

If you enjoyed playing jazz or blues piano, specialize in creative websites that teach visitors just how to play one of those styles of piano. You can also sell your own piano downloads and sheet music on the site. And of course, you’d also create YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts for this niche. The more “branches” you have pointing back to your website, the more popular you’ll be, and the more money you’ll make. These kinds of creative websites are not only fun to make and manage, they also attract droves of followers hungry to learn more. Start creative websites like this, and you might just be able to quit your day job.

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