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Creative and Interesting Images for Your Blogs

Creative_and_Interesting_Images_For_Your_BlogsWe find ourselves at the corner of creative and interesting, and we are now looking to enthral our visitors with things that they might find interesting, or why they would bookmark your page , or grab your RSS feed.

There are fewer things that catch the eye better than using an image on a blog, or an animation, or a video (which appears as a static image in the first place). With this in mind, we are going to tackle something which we haven’t touched on when talking about interest grabbing content: images.

Around the web, there are hundreds of sites which are dedicated to people who take photographs, and wish to share them. This is not remarkable, because digital photography is possibly one of the biggest niches on the internet, and has millions of searches in one form or another on Google every single day. Photography found on the internet will often be thought provoking, original, and at the very least – interesting. It makes perfect sense, then, that you should include good image content on your site.

Besides the images you may use in your posts on your blog for example, it is also pertinent to include images which are from external sources, because these offer the reader/visitor an opportunity to look at something they found interesting on the page. They will then spend the relevant amount of time exploring this interest. This is all time spent on your site, looking around, and enjoying the content.

There are a few websites which offer amazing photography images as free content for your website, and most CMS platforms like WordPress offer you plugins to display a constant feed to your visitors.

Flickr is always the first image hosting site that springs to mind with many developers, and is rich with great content. To use Flickr images, you must abide by their copyright, but using them as content for content’s sake is fine. SimpleFlickr is a great plugin which displays a grid style viewer on your blog, and people can load up the images (which are displayed as thumbnails) as and when they like. Slickr Gallery goes one better, allowing you to have a full featured gallery on your blog for visitors to browse.

If you are feeling super lazy with your blogs, you can also add images automatically using a great little plugin called WP Decoratr. For sheer genius alone, this should be at the top of your list to try out with your posts.

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