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CPA YouTube Videos: Selling to the YouTube Crowd

CPA YouTube videos are just another method of guerrilla marketingCPA YouTube that you can add to your arsenal of internet marketing tactics. This is one market that hasn’t been leveraged to its full potential and isn’t fully inundated with other internet marketing schemes like article marketing and other CPA methods. But before you go about it the wrong way (and possibly get your YouTube accounts taken down) you need to know more about what you’re up against.

With CPA YouTube videos, you’re marketing to a totally different crowd than the crowd who surfs the internet and clicks on AdSense or AdWords ads. That’s why it takes a totally different approach if you want to succeed at making CPA YouTube income.

CPA YouTube Vs. Web Searchers

Before you can make CPA YouTube income, you need a niche that is marketable to a YouTube audience. First, let’s talk a little bit about the differences between a YouTube crowd and an ordinary web search crowd.

Web search crowds are constantly looking for product reviews, purchasing advice and things to buy. Not always are they in a mood to whip out their credit cards, but from time to time, you’ll hit upon some who are willing to buy just about anything you can sell them. This is the mentality of many individuals searching the web for written content.

How CPA YouTube Videos Are Different

Contrast that with the way the mentality of someone watching YouTube or even CPA YouTube videos. What is YouTube filled with? A bunch of cat videos, LOL’s, vlogs and random nonsense. When people are on YouTube, they are in the mood to be entertained. They generally do not want to be sold on something.

On occasion, you’ll find helpful how-to videos that searchers who are in the mood for finding a direct answer to a how-to question will go to for a one-stop solution to a problem. These are just one type of individual you may be marketing to when making CPA YouTube videos. If someone is looking for an answer on how to lose weight, how to save money on car insurance or how to find love with someone they’ve never met, you can sell them a product answering that question.

But how do you sell products on YouTube? There are several different methods you can try. Some affiliate marketers will purchase the product themselves and shoot a video of themselves doing a review about that product. They will make the review from the standpoint of a satisfied customer, which will encourage viewers to purchase the product.

Similarly with CPA YouTube offers, you can make a video instructing people on how to sign up for a service that is offering a free trial or free product. CPA YouTube offers take a person’s email address and possibly their credit card number in return for free materials. Perhaps it’s a free sample of a new drink. Maybe it’s a free bottle of weight loss supplements.

Whatever the case may be, the idea that the customer is getting something without having to purchase a product first is the draw here.  That is the basis of a CPA YouTube campaign.

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