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Content Bonus: Turning Readers into Subscribers

Content bonus products are often used to incentivize email list signups.Content bonus For instance, visitors to your website might be reluctant to share their name and email address with you only in return for a monthly e-letter, because they know you will send them a deluge of sales material that they don’t want.

However, the right content bonus ideas can encourage them to sign up for your list as long as they know they’ll get something in return immediately. For many readers, your letter is just another newsletter. For all you know, they’re already subscribed to 10 other e-letter lists. What makes yours so special? They might not be able to distinguish that just by looking at your website. But with the right presell materials, you’ll have a good chance at garnering their contact information – and their loyalty.

What to Offer As a Content Bonus

Many affiliate marketers run into the issue of what they will offer as a content bonus. It’s easy to just throw your name on a PLR ebook and call it a content bonus, but is that really how you want your customers to remember you? By giving them a regurgitated, error-littered ebook? If you want to uphold your reputation, you should try harder than that.

That’s why some internet marketers draw up their own content bonus. This is often a 30-page eBook or a 10-page special report on a subject directly related to their niche or subniche. Since this eBook is a freebie, you’re more than welcome to include affiliate links within it to make more money, especially since your readers may or may not open your emails once they start arriving in their inboxes.

If you’re not the type who wants to write several thousand words as a content bonus, or isn’t comfortable with that sort of thing, you can always hire someone else to do it for you. But before you go looking for the cheapest writer online, make sure you get someone who has a good reputation for accuracy and is a native speaker in the language in which you wish to provide the eBook.

Content Bonus Ideas that Aren’t eBooks

Not everyone wants to read an eBook, so your content bonus doesn’t have to be a special report or a how-to guide. But what should you choose instead?

Videos are a big hit these days. If you can create a screencast, PowerPoint video or even a personal video featuring you or some other on-screen talent, you’ll drive readers to sign up for your list in a heartbeat.

Videos are popular content bonus ideas for several reasons. For one, if you put offer them as a download, readers can put them on their mobile devices and watch them whenever they feel like it. For another, watching a video is generally more entertaining and is a welcome respite from all the on-screen reading so many of us participate in these days.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to content bonus ideas. Don’t feel like you have to follow the norm of what every other internet marketer is doing just to keep up. In fact, the more distinguished your content bonus is, the more likely you are to get readers to sign up for your email list.

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