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Cloning or Outsourcing?


CloneAside from cloning yourself, there is probably no way you are going to get through the schedule you have planned for yourself this week. This is not your fault, because you are simply human – and it is what we do best.

We set ourselves to do lists and tasks that we will possibly never get through. Then at the end of the day, we look at that to do list, and see just how much we have achieved.

We then roll it over to the next day, upon which you will no doubt add some more tasks to the to do list, and the circle continues. The best way to break this circle, is to outsource and micro manage your workload.

When you say outsource to an internet marketer, the hairs on their neck stand up. This is because some years ago, the freelance market online was absolutely over-run by scammers. Now, it is possible (very possible in fact)_ to safely and legitimately obtain workers from other countries to perform your daily workload. Do you spend a lot of time re-writing or translating articles? Do you spend a lot of time contacting webmasters for spots on their blog? All this can be taken care of by micro managing.

Before you post a project… what you need to do in the first instance is write down the EXACT method you have for each task. Save this as a Word document. This process must be sent to each prospective worker on sites like Freelancer.com or Odesk.com. There will be freelancers who say they can perform the job, based on a summary in the project description –, but your best bet is sending them this document as it saves time and acts as a training manual.

To get the best freelancer, you really need to check the feedback. Say no to anyone you get a bad feeling about, or cannot strike a rapport with. If you want to work with them long term, then you need to feel comfortable talking with them and getting them working on projects.

Once you have found a good freelancer – never let them go! They are hard to come by as most get too busy to take on regular work, so if you can get a freelancer or outsource agency working with you on a long term basis, then you are going to be very happy. See what types of work you can get outsourcers doing at Freelancer.com. I’m sure you could be delegating by the morning. (Add this to your to do list. At the top.)

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