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Client Relations – A Lost Art?

If you read Monday’s post about product selling, then you definitely need to read today’s post about customer and client relations. If you don’t know why you’ve been losing (or haven’t been making as many) sales, and you’re unhappy with your monthly numbers, perhaps it’s not just your selling tactic that needs an overhaul.

When you service a customer or client, whether it be in a small offline business or an online business, you need to think about the entire experience from start to finish, not just the buying process. Why?

Let’s look at a few things that your clients will pay attention to when they visit you for a solution to something they need. I’ll use a website for example.

  • Your overall design
  • The color scheme
  • Product placement
  • The attitude the text on your page conveys
  • Pictures
  • Navigational layout
  • How easy it is or isn’t to purchase a product
  • How much you explain your product
  • How honest your site looks and feels
  • How they’re treated after they purchase your product, sign up for your email list, etc.

There are a LOT more items that I could place here, but that would take me all day to write (and take you all day to read), so let’s just start with these.

In case you haven’t noticed, your website says a lot about you and your tastes. But how well did you consider your customer’s tastes in selecting the design aspects?

For instance, I was just talking to a salon owner the other day, and she was telling me how she used to have the walls of her salon painted a bright blue. Yes, blue. Can you guess what she noticed about her customers? They all acted hyper and totally unrelaxed! She spent her vacation weeks repainting the salon to a more comfortable taupe, and guess what? Her clients are now a lot less hyper and a lot MORE comfortable!

The same can go for your website. Certain colors look terrible and certain images will distract and detract from a good customer experience.

How You Treat Your Customers

But customers are often willing to forgive the design if they know they’ve been treated well at your website before. So that brings me to my next point – customer relations. How do you treat your customers before, during and after the sales process? Do you give them a satisfaction guarantee to encourage them to buy? Do you offer different payment options during the sales process so they don’t have to dig for that credit card they never use in order to pay for your goods? Do you say “thank you” in any way after they purchase? Or do you simply bombard them with more ways to buy more products days after they’ve purchased the first one?

I bet you see what I’m getting at here. A lot of people will take online customers for granted, not realizing that they have so much competition that the client will move elsewhere if they’re not satisfied! Start putting your customer first, and see what changes you might need to make.



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  1. Also, what goes around comes around. Send the good stuff out and it will return in more sales Great post!

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