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Choosing WordPress Themes


If you have been losing sleep over the choice of WordPress theme to go with, then you are probably one among millions of people who just cannot decide among the myriad of theme styles available. Depending on the niche you are in, or what you actually need from a theme, the choices can slim down quite a lot. Many people try to make a theme do too much, and end up spending a lot of money and time on a theme that is partially suitable for them, but also has a whole host of features they will never use. The worst part is, they may spend money on a theme when a free one would suffice.

If you just need a magazine type theme, then there’s hundreds if not thousands to choose from. These will usually include a featured are on the home page, that will allow you to choose a large picture to display on the front page, along with an excerpt of the article/post itself. This shows quite a lot of professionalism and makes your home page much more succinct to the reader. They are much more likely to click these featured posts, than scroll through your list of posts on the front page looking for something interesting.

You can also find a lot of very basic text orientated themes, if you are just writing articles with very little image content, then you can get away with some fast loading themes that arte 100% free. Niche websites that promote a lot of different products tend to have a magazine style, whereas some affiliate marketers prefer to use basic themes like Thesis, when they are just writing about one product.

If you are looking for a very simple backend, then don’t think you have to pay for the privilege. Some themes now that are free also allow you to change things like the header image, color scheme and more, in a specially made backend in the admin. Again, I must stress that these are FREE, and you can search for them in the admin backend of your WordPress blog.

You will want to monetize your blog at some point. Most people would say it is best to build up your readership first, and then hit them with advertisements. I agree with this to some extent, though there’s no harm in AdSense when it is done tactfully. Just don’t go overboard and ruin your visitors’ experience.

All in all, its up to you to decide what you need, and initially search the free options first.

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