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Choosing Low Competition Products

Choosing_Low_Competition_ProductsThe first question you will ask yourself, after you have learned all the best SEO methods online, is “what do I sell?” You could browse for hours over at Clickbank, and still not settle on a good product that you want to promote full time.

There is so much choice, it can become quite a challenge – not least because you would probably prefer to actually like the product you are going to be selling, or have at least some experience in the subject matter.

For one thing, choosing a product that you know about is usually a good method, because you can then write much more informed articles for your website, and it will make it much easier to work on.

All that aside, when you are choosing a product for your site, you should ideally choose one that does not have a lot of competition. Easier said than done, because Clickbank is a hotbed for affiliate promoters. When a product is launched, they are all over it. You cannot move on page one for all the review and “is it a scam?” sites. So how can you choose a product that will allow you leverage from the outset?

The first place you should go, is a website called JV Notify Pro which will give you up to date information on all the products that the Internet  Marketers are launching, and who are looking for joint venture partners. This tells you two things. Firstly, they are looking for a big launch of their product, so not only are they going to try to get as much coverage using joint venture partners, they will also be sinking some money into the product launch. These are the kinds of products you need to be on, as soon as they are notified as looking for JV partners. Besides the pre-launch products, you will also see some that are generally looking for joint venture partners, so you will need to look at each one in detail, to see if it is applicable to you.

The great thing about this method of finding products, is that you will be competing with very few other affiliate marketers, in comparison to those that are marketing products that have been established on Clickbank for some time. You are more likely able to find some keywords that you can compete on page one with, and much more likely to attract some of the traffic.

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