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Want a Better Site? Change Starts with You

After getting out of a brainstorming session today changewith some colleagues of mine, one thing was certain: our traffic is slowing down, and our site leads have turned into a trickle. None of us were too happy about it, to say the least, but I got the opportunity to put forth several ideas to help bring our traffic back up. Those in the room who enjoyed the internet-savvy end of things were on board wholeheartedly. Those who weren’t kind of moped on the sidelines and more or less accepted the fact that change was inevitable, although I’m not too sure how many actually planned on following through with any of it once they left the room.

The main theme of our meeting began with the word “change.” Now this isn’t the political version of change where you get promises and no delivery – this is all about starting with yourself as the main source of that change. The idea isn’t to make things happen overnight but to start a whole new routine or process that you can keep up with and measure results from.

Changing in Baby Steps

Change doesn’t have to take place in night and day contrast. In fact, if you overhaul your whole system as you know it up until now, you might end up breaking a few things in the process. Plus, you won’t be able to tell what works and what doesn’t. So start changing in baby steps.

For instance, in the business that I work in, we rely heavily on the internet for leads into our store. When those leads start to dwindle, we start thinking of other ways to get those leads without spending an arm and a leg on internet advertising.

The same goes for you. Do you have a website with dwindling traffic? What can you do to make traffic pick up? Can you open new accounts on social media sites and start promoting what you sell? Can you make connections on LinkedIn? Can you share an email list with someone (the right way, of course)? Change means thinking outside the box.

Change with Action

The next step is to take action. Pick just ONE thing and try it. And don’t just try it for a few days – give it weeks, or even months! Give it long enough to be able to measure whether or not it works for what you need.

Once you have this new action in place and you have the kinks worked out, start another one. Why stick with just one when you can optimize with several? The internet is ever-changing, which means you need to change with it and roll with it. Trust me – the more new content you upload, even if it’s not your top-notch stuff, will tell Google that your site is fresh and thus more user-friendly than your competitor’s site.

Finally, check out your competition. What are they doing with their social media? What about with their front page SEO? Stay ahead of the curve by surpassing your competition as you change your own processes.

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