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Building Customer Relationships Using These 6 Top Engagement Techniques

To build customer relationships you must be dedicated to nurturing and engaging as you generate new leads. If you don’t, you may miss out on a multitude of opportunities. The clear majority of leads you generate will not be ready to make an immediate purchase. They will first go through each stage of the buying cycle. It is your job to engage them and nurture their journey through the sales funnel to foster the relationships that will eventually boost revenue.

By implementing effective nurturing and engagement techniques, you not only gain more revenue and bring in more referrals, it will also result in lesser costs per lead because more prospects will convert.

The following is a list of top engagement techniques that will help nurture leads and build relationships:

Focus on Personalized Content

There is not only one type of content that fits all. If you attempt to send out a generic message it is likely to be dismissed as spam. Your target audience wants to be treated like individual human beings. It is important to use personalized targeted content to nurture and better engage your leads. This means segmenting mailing lists, creating buying personas, and tracking buyer behaviors and successful email triggers.

A lead that is ready to make a purchase doesn’t need to receive top of the funnel content, and vice versa. You also don’t want to send out product or service information to an audience that has no use for it. You must use targeted content and personalize your nurturing techniques to ensure that the most appropriate content reaches the right leads at the right time. Preliminary research is necessary to discover what your audience has downloaded from your site, what emails they have clicked and read, what are their interests and pain points, and just how active your leads have been overall. This is vital information and great indicators to help you determine what to send next.

Learn More About Your Customers

Building customer relationships requires that you know the audience in which you are dealing. A good salesperson always works hard to establish a positive rapport. First get to know each other, remember names, understand the client’s wants and needs, how many children are in the home, what breed of dog they own, things of that nature. People love to know they are valued. Everyone wants to be heard and understood.

The way to learn about your customers is to continue gaining knowledge long after the transaction is completed. Keep the conversation alive. Do a bit more research post sale. Connect on social media, find common ground within your job roles, industries, connections, etc. Always be thinking about how you can add value to their lives, whether it be through forwarding posts, referrals, or suggesting training ideas.

These days, the easiest way to make your business shine bright amongst the rest is by providing a topnotch customer experience. This is not about the product or services you offer. This means consistently learning more and more about your customers. You will continue to extend the customer relationship by boosting the connection so you can better meet their needs. In turn, you will improve customer service.

Provide More Answers

Modern day consumers conduct a lot of research. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips since the inception of the omnipotent information superhighway. Prior to ever being close to making a buying decision, consumers are reviewing your website, reading your blog, and pouring over your social media posts to absorb all the knowledge they can so they can make a well-informed decision.

Be prepared to answer all questions that leads may pose on every channel. Taking the time to do this will help you to address their problems more effectively, it will help nurture relationships and boost engagement. Customers will see that you care about their needs, in turn, you will gain their trust and they will know that your brand is credible.

Use More Channels

It isn’t uncommon for marketers to put all their eggs in one basket. They focus all their energy on email marketing for purposes of building customer relationships and nurturing leads. Email is surely the most popular method, but it is not the only option. To gain the most benefits out of your engagement techniques utilize multiple channels. Provide dynamic content on your website, post frequently on social media, and invest in retargeting. By multi-channeling, you will increase your odds of being noticed by quality leads. You better your chances of gaining the right attention.

Be Quick to React

The sooner you connect or reply to leads or existing customers the better. Although businesses are working hard to stay on top of online comments, consumers still feel like their feedback is not being heard. The Customer Experience Impact Report conducted a survey that showed 89 percent of people moved onto a competing business to meet their needs after enduring a bad customer experience. Don’t wait to send out that initial email or to address a concern, doing so may keep a potential customer from entering the sales process. Engage customers right away and nurture their needs immediately. The show leads that you value their business.

Lead Scoring

Build a lead scoring model to help you gain the most value out of your customer engagement techniques. This simply means to create a system of assigning numbers to potential leads based on established behaviors and activities, sorted and prioritized based on how likely consumers are to purchase, their buying framework, the size of their purchases, and other relevant factors.

By utilizing this method, you can hone in on which leads require the most attention. Lead scoring helps clarify where to focus the most nurturing to help push the key consumers through the sales funnel and encourage salespeople to center their attention on specific leads. This technique can also help move them into the best campaign for maximum results.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for engagement techniques that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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