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Building a Quick Flash Site?

build_quick_siteWhilst browsing for a designer on some forums, you would be forgiven for your lack of understanding when it comes to prices.

Many designers will charge by the hour, whilst some have set rates for a flash site for x amount of pages etc. You can add features like contact forms, and even have the site tied to your Twitter and Facebook accounts for a small fee.

However, what if you have an idea for a website, and you don’t want a blog – and you don’t need any bells or whistles?

One website creation site called Wix has been around for a while, and certainly does offer a great package deal, at a great price – its free.

The websites you create on Wix are mostly drag and drop builds, and they are all search engine friendly. This is not only rare for Flash websites, but very much so for create-your-own type sites. When you are looking for basic functionality, Wix is a great choice, because you have the professionalism of Flash along with the opportunity to create only the website you need. Of course, all this comes at a different cost – you will sacrifice some space for Wix’s own ads on your site, and you cannot use your own domain. But for a basic flash site – the cost is zero.

Whilst not all Wix’s features are free, you will notice that the premium features are quite cost effective. As you can see from their Gallery, there are limitless great designs available, and you would be hard pushed to require anything else as far as design goes. If you want to use your own domain, remove Wix ads, or any other premium feature, you can upgrade your package very quickly and easily, and the developers are very quick to help.

Decide why you need a website, firstly, and if you want one for commercial reasons – then you are going to need a budget. Even so, sites like Wix could be ideal for your needs, and would save you trawling forums for quotes.

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