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Build Traffic with this Easy White Hat SEO Technique

Since the inclusion of the latest Google updates, you’ve undoubtedly heard all of the experts spouting about how “content is king” and “high quality content is the best source of traffic”.  Even in previous articles, I mentioned how important it is to continuously produce fresh, unique content for your target audience.  Content is essential for building a successful online business, BUT…often times it takes a little bit of extra ingenuity in order to beat out the competition.

Remember the movie Field of Dreams?  The most famous quote of the movie was the voice that prompted Kevin Costner to construct a baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field; “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to an online business. You could create outstanding content until you are blue in the face, but it may take months or even years until consistent traffic comes flowing in.  That is why I am going to introduce an easy method to boost your traffic by utilizing your awesome content and literally FORCING it to go viral…

This method is going to systematically target specific sites that are the most likely to link their viewers to your site, not only sending you traffic, but helping you build up your SERP rankings as well.

Before you begin producing content, before you even touch your keypad in Microsoft Word, you will need to find content that is already producing outstanding results.  We’re looking for content within your niche that knocks your socks off because it is so good.  You may be asking yourself, “Why am I looking for someone else’s content in order to generate traffic to my site?”

It’s actually rather simple.  We’re looking for content that is already successful; meaning the type of content that has PROVEN to receive a lot of links and a lot of traffic.  This is the backbone of the entire method, so be sure not to skip this step.

There are 2 simple methods to find content that people want.

  1. Use Google search. Find the articles that rank high for competitive keywords within your niche.  Then simply pop them into any link analysis tool of your choice to see what kind of sites are linking to it. Take note of any articles that are extremely well written, unique, and have a ton of other high quality sites linking to it.
  2. Use Open Site Explorer. Simply plug in sites within your niche that typically produce great content. Once the search is finished, click on the tab that says “Top Pages”.  This will show you the pages that have the most links pointing to them, which is a strong indicator that it is popular.

Once you’ve decided on what content has shown proven results, it is time to start writing.  We have our proven piece of content, now all you need to do is create something even better.  This doesn’t mean you should simply rewrite the article.  Instead, add to it, make the wording more engaging, fix up the design a bit, make it more in depth or thorough.  Whatever you do, it must be significantly BETTER than the original.

It is important to make it longer and more prominent than the original so that it isn’t rehashed writing that people have already seen.  The original is simply a blueprint to show you what topics people are interested in.  For instance, if the title is “20 ways to train your dog”, you can create “25 ways to train your dog”, by rewriting the original 20 and adding an additional 5 ways to train a dog.  The intent is to get those that have previously linked to the original content to also link to your content as well, because by linking to the original, it shows that their audience has an interest in that type of content.  By giving them something that is even BETTER than the original, is a sure fire way to get noticed.

The final step entails reaching out to the sites that have shown interest in the original by showing them your unique and vastly improved version.  Again, all you need to do is use any link analysis tool of your choosing.  It doesn’t matter what tool you use, as long as it shows you what sites have linked to specific pages.  If you do a Google search, you should be able to find countless free tools that are up to the task.

Now, you’ll need to go through the entire list (this takes time) and find the highest quality sites that linked directly to the original content.  The only reason why it may take a bit of time is that most popular articles will have a lot of referring links from forums etc. that are useless to you.

Once you’ve compiled a list of all of the useful sites, EMAIL ALL OF THEM.  It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just inform them that you noticed that they linked to “insert original article” and that you’ve actually come across an even better one. Chances are, the majority of site owners will simply shrug off your email, BUT, if you emailed 200 sites, and only 10% link to your site, that is still 20 high quality sites within your niche that will be endorsing YOUR content to THEIR audience.  20 sites can bring a yield significant results for your site.

Though this method takes a bit of patience, it is extremely effective for improving search rankings and generating organic traffic that otherwise may never have seen your site.

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