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Build a Landing Page That Converts

Build a landing page that drives traffic and Build a landing pageturns into conversions for your business, and you will be on your way to success in both the online and offline markets. There are certain formulas that funnel customers from the top to the bottom of the page and ending at a strong call to action that will eventually drive crazy conversions for you – if you do it right.

Remember that you have to consider being Google friendly when starting to build a landing page. Google bans users who don’t comply with their guidelines, so always be sure to check with AdWords guidelines and policies before you launch a landing page on Google. But once you’re in with Google, you should be good to go as far as design goes, provided that your particular industry or affiliate program doesn’t have any other policies for you to follow. If they do, be sure you adhere to them.

Build a Landing Page with Nice Graphics

Graphics are key to a good user experience when designing a landing page. Having a landing page that looks like it was created back in 2002 is a big problem, yet we see it every day on websites with lazy web designers. You know the type – graphics that look like they were taken straight off of a stock photo site, very little coding and “dressing up” – all in an effort to take shortcuts. In effect, they shortchange themselves by not making their landing page user-friendly.

You don’t have to load up your page with a bunch of graphics, but it should look sleek and more than presentable. Graphics should load quickly and be in the proper extension format so they don’t hang up the page when it loads.

Build a Landing Page with Relevant Content

The number one cause of getting banned on Google (aside from not following policies and guidelines) is not having relevant content. You can get a Google slap if your page is not relevant, keyword and content-wise, to the user’s query. Your scores will start slipping, and eventually, you’ll start paying a lot more for the ads.

After that, you’ll find that trying to build a landing page was a waste of time. So it helps to have things like dynamic keyword insertion and geographic backlinks in place (in the case of a local business) that tell Google you did your due diligence.

What kind of content should you have? Instead of just building a “squeeze page,” make sure you actually filled the page with helpful content. Perhaps 250-300 words of unique text would fit in somewhere.

Once you’re finished with filling the page with relevant content, you also need to include mandatory pages like the About Us, Contact Us, Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and so forth. Don’t forget to include a link to your home page, which should be a home page to a website with plenty of content to back it up. You don’t want your home page to be your chief landing page, in most cases, unless it has plenty of content to satisfy Google’s needs. Use these tips to build a landing page, and you will be successful eventually.

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