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Branding Power

These two tips could end up earning you a lot of money. Not because they are a free traffic source, or because they are brandingways to get hundreds of people to your site… but because they will empower your online brand. Your brand is everything now, in a world that is mostly limited to 140 characters on our direct traffic platforms, or because we have very little time before our prospective clients actually click the back button (due to banner and website blindness).

You only have a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention, so you really need to go to work on the first thing they see – YOUR BRAND.

Your brand can be your name, you nickname, or your company name, of course. It needs to be something people automatically, and instantly associate with you as a person and your company. Choose something that you yourself would remember easily, and choose something that other people will not associate with anything else. This has to speak volumes about you, in just a few characters or in just a few pixels.

Okay, so tip number one – get a cheap and quality logo done. You don’t have to spend hundreds on a logo. http://www.logofresh.com/ is an awesome resource for the budding entrepreneur, and can get you a great looking digital logo for less than the cost of most graphic designers’ rates. Because the logos are high quality, and designed pretty much by you – they will be much more personal, and you are more likely to use them.

Tip number two, brand the hell out of your online presence. Your Twitter page, your Facebook profile/page, your email signature, your forum profiles – EVERYTHING! People sometimes forget that once they have a brand, they must go over all their accounts and make sure the brand is out there. Don’t just use on new presences, use them on all your old ones too!

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