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Without doubt, some of the most popular posts on this blog are the ones where I tell you how to get content, either for free, or next to free. If something costs you time, and delivers more than 300 words of content for 10 minutes effort, this is great value, and can prove to be very worthwhile in the long run. The main issue bloggers have, is filling their site with content on a regular basis. Sure, we all have moments of inspiration, and are able to put together a blog post when we have something in our mind at ...

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When Your Writing Tank is Gassed

If you are struggling to find content, which is a subject we have covered a few times, then it may help to keep a short list of how to get rid of white page syndrome. Arm yourself with methods of finding new content, or new ideas, so that if ever you start staring at the screen for longer than a few seconds, you can just reach for your list, and get writing without hesitation. To start with, you really should have a main idea list that you work from. Include all the topics that you cover on your blog, and ...

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Remember the Old Spice Guy?

If you remember any of my articles about communicating with our clients, you know that I’m a firm believer in interaction and retention. Regardless of whether you are speaking to an audience of thousands or millions, or even twenty five visitors a week – you still need to interact. If you sell internet marketing products, software or even if you have niche blogs, your business will surely benefit from interaction and retention, which goes hand in hand. If you look after your clients/visitors by ensuring they are getting the best possible service from you, then you will retain them for ...

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Struggling for Content Again?

There are a few drawbacks with running a blog, as well as a lot of benefits. If you are struggling to find new content to put on there, or if you have exhausted all the possible topics in your niche (it may feel that way), then having a blog can seem like a problem. You will sit and think of all the many things you have written about, and quite possibly think there’s no way you haven’t covered everything. The problem with making quick updates on your blog, too, is that you are covering a topic in just a few ...

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Is Unique Content Dead or Dying?

Again, one of the hot debated topics is finding content for your niche blog. Whether you are selling information, or merely providing it free, with contextual ads on your site, you need a daily dose of content that your readers return for again and again. We all like to see relevant topics hitting our inbox, and we all like to see content that is UNIQUE. It is very difficult to balance the whole unique vs. regular content weights on our shoulders, but eventually you get into the swing of visiting certain places for ideas, and those ideas then turn into ...

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