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How to improve seo

How to Improve SEO on Your Sites

How to improve SEO – that’s the question everyone is asking now that Panda and Penguin have marked their casualties. While Google figures out its next launch against internet marketers, we need to figure out how to outsmart their next moves. Unfortunately, what follows in this guide will show how much Panda and Penguin spelled death for existing sites, but in a way, what comes in how to improve SEO actually makes things easier for you as the site owner to please Google. We all know that Google has wanted a good “user experience” for a long time now, and ...

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daily blogging

Daily Blogging: Keeping Up with it for Real

Daily blogging is harder than it sounds. Everyone thinks they have it within themselves to sit down and contribute one post per day to their blogs. But how many actually do? Not as many as you would expect. The thing about having high aspirations for internet marketing versus the actual drive for it is that those with aspirations often put their goals on too high of a pedestal for human reach. Those with the drive, though, are often burned out quickly, so there really isn’t a good emotion to pinpoint as the one you should have as an internet marketer. ...

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promoting your blog

Promoting Your Blog in an Inundated Internet

Promoting your blog in an inundated world of cyber knowledge is a daunting task to say the least. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but sticking with it is even more difficult. The temptation of quitting is always just a click away as you trudge through a seemingly endless world of bookmarking sites, RSS feeders and the next new Facebook wannabe. But promoting your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or mindless if you don’t want it to be. The whole point of promoting it is to get people to read it. So if you’re going about it ...

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Use Blogger

Use Blogger: Reasons Why You Might Choose Blogger

Use Blogger? If you read my previous post, you’re probably going to think I’m playing the devil’s advocate with this one. True, there are many more reasons to use your own hosted blog than to use Blogger, but when it comes down to results, you might find that when you use Blogger, you’ll get quicker success than when you host your own. This might sound like near blasphemy to some internet marketers who think free blogs are the death of their marketing strategy. But understand that I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever use a hosted blog. It’s just that there ...

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Host a Blog

Host a Blog on Your Own Domain

Host a blog on your own domain – not only because it’s less hassle in the long run, but because you get to fully control the content you post on your blog. True, hosting a blog on your own website does cost many, but the cost is fairly negligible when you consider the alternatives. In this guide, we’ll explore several reasons why you should host a blog, rather than using a free blog on another domain. Of course, there are a few very valid reasons to use free blogs on other sites as well, but for the most overall benefit ...

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